Electromagnetic waves: Why are some people sensitive and others not?

Hello everyone, In view of the interest of the previous article on the toy to protect itself from the waves Wifi (see the article toy-against-wifi), I believe that a small quick explanation on this sensitivity to the waves can be interesting: There is a fundamental polarity in the human body between the nervous system and […]

Sex education to children is a rape of the Soul

The very idea of ​​giving sex education to children is simply criminal and I will explain why: To truly understand it one must study the relationships of the soul and the body, especially the process of progressive incarnation of the soul in the body during growth. A materialist can not have this knowledge. To be […]

Why not to use ayahuaska for a western seaker.

This video is a phenomenoligical look on the forces involved in the western evolution of consciousness. The same phenomenological approach on what it does when you take some drugs which are modifying your consciousness. That’s all about seing that the 2 movements, the western mind  evolution and taking drugs are just contradicting each other. This […]

Kennismakingsweekend vorm- en levenskrachten waarnemen

  Vrijdagmiddag 15 juni 2018 van 17.30 uur t/m 17 juni 2018 tot 16.00 uur     In het werk van Rudolf Steiner komen we voortdurend de begrippen vormkrachten, etherkrachten, levenskrachten tegen. Doel van dit weekend is om stap voor stap, aan de hand van korte oefeningen tot eigen waarneming en meer begrip van deze krachten te […]