When the mind, emotions and body agree.

Are you going through a difficult time, emotionally and/or physically?
An energetic approach based on Tradition can help you.


By relying on traditional holistic medicine, I help you both psychologically and physically. In the traditional approach these two aspects are not separated.

Chronic pain (back, joints, head, stomach, premenstrual syndrome…), emotional problems (depression, fears, anger…), feeling of being stuck in certain patterns (relationships, money)…

Are my therapies for you?
physical pain
psychological pain
soul growth

What patients say:

”Finally…. I give myself the right to live. , I feel relieved of a weight of incomprehension, of silence…I find a certain inner peace!…” A.C

”Heavy headaches, migraines, nausea, stomach aches and unexplained abdominal pain: these disappear like snow in the sun with treatment at InnerChoice-Shiatsu. ”Taco Sorgdrager

”Achieving deep relaxation and silence in my head gave me back the joy of being in my body and feeling exactly what my inner choice is.” Eliza

”Christophe is an excellent therapist with a lot of experience. He helped me with a lower back problem that I had been enduring for years and he also helped me with complaints of perimonoposis.” Nakry

”I feel my own strength for the first time since shiatsu and it is very dear to me. Thanks for all your help” – Kirsten

Innerchoice Shiatsu

”All pain (physical or psychological) is there to teach us something and we all have the capacity to learn.”


True healing brings about an understanding and a sense of gratitude for the wisdom of life.


InnerChoice -Shiatsu traite vos problèmes en profondeur.

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