• Physical pain often has emotional and / or mental causes. If these causes are not treated, the physical pains will return in the same form as before or another form. It is therefore necessary to approach the root of the problems as closely as possible.
  • Shiatsu works deeply but first unconsciously. Changing the meridian balance also leads to changes in consciousness. It is often necessary to accompany these changes by more direct work on emotions and / or mental programming.

My approach is not psychological but meditative.

  • I guide you step by step in a process of transformation. The contact with your positive forces becomes clearer and deeper. You acquire the forces necessary for your own transformation.
  • You get your life back in your hands. What seemed insurmountable becomes possible.

I help you to discover that you already have in germ everything you need to get better and grow. I help you to settle in yourself, to find that intact center which is in you and which is at the origin of all healing forces.

An inner calm is established, ways open, the field of possibilities of your existence widens.

The clarification of emotions can be the first steps of the spiritual path. If you want to continue and touch your essence ever deeper and by yourself, the meditation and spiritual studies classes are there to assist you. click here if you want to know more about the courses.


click here if you want to know more about the courses.