Physical pain often has emotional and/or mental causes.

If these causes are not treated, the physical pain will return in the same form as before or in another form. We must therefore address ourselves as close as possible to the root of the problems.

Shiatsu works deeply but unconsciously. Modifying the balance of the meridians also leads to changes in consciousness. It is often necessary to accompany these changes with more direct work on emotions and/or mental programming.

My approach is not psychological but energetic and meditative.

Emotions don’t need to be transformed but accepted. When accepted they move by themselves in a natural way. So the only question is  ;

What gives me the awareness and courage to accept my emotions?

By learning to contact with your own inner quietness you just realise that you’re able to embrace your emotions. And by doing so, they just unfroze and begin to move.

You learn to take charge of yourself. What seemed insurmountable becomes possible.
I help you discover that you already have everything you need to get better and grow. I help you settle into yourself, find this intact center which is within you and which is at the origin of all healing forces.

An inner calm is established, paths open, the field of possibilities of your existence widens.

Sessions can be done remotely.

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