– Christophe, why are you doing this job ?
– As a child I had violent migraines. If I would argue them, they would become worse. When I was relaxing, I was getting asleep and then awaken, healed and as renewed. I’ve learned at early age not to fight against the pain and that something was healing me while I was sleeping.

I believe that each difficulty I went through in this life did allow me to understand better theses 2 principles I did experienced at early age.

We all have a self-healing capacity and it is what I wish to share..

– Where does this self-healing capacity comes from?

– It comes from a deep inner silence which softly melt our blockages. This silence belongs to who we are, our being. We all have it. While I’m listening some one from this silence, it’s allowing through a kind of resonance his/her being to open and get active.

– If I get it good, you don’t heal anybody?!

– You get it perfectly good: I’ve never healed anybody!
I’m helping to induce the healing process and I follow it step by step because I’ve some knowledge about it.

– If the inner silence is healing, what’s the use of the meridian’s system then?

– The inner silence is the healing principle, but it needs a form to act onto the body. The form I’m using is the meridian’s system and the experimental knowledge of integrating emotions. All that putted in the larger frame of the spiritual science.

– What’s the use of this ”spiritual science”?

– By transforming yourself, you see changes happening in your relations, your family, your work, etc.
The spiritual science helps to integrate the work you do on your individual scale to the large scale of the world’s evolution. It brings encouragement, clarity and trust.

– Do you bring anything specific to the shiatsu?

– I bring the individual creativity we have developed in the west to the eastern meditative force. I connect Orient and Occident. The shiatsu comes from Japan and has its roots into Buddhism. I’m not Japanese and most of my clients also not. The ”eastern approach” brings a quality of deep silent listening. To work in the ”western way” implicates more speaking and consciousness of what’s going on. Awake consciousness also implicates to become responsible of your own healing process. It is a step towards independence and freedom.

– What did you reached in your job that you are proud of?

– A refined perception: When you perceive good you don’t need to overact because your action is then precise and directed. A small movement at the source can have huge consequences, physically, psychologically or in your life circumstances. For example your family situation is changing, or at work…
Of course it is double: The more you can perceive, the clearly you see how few you know and how infinite is the human mystery.

– What is the philosophy of your work?

– That any pain (being physical or psychological) appears to learn us something and that we all have the capacity to learn from them. Very often you simply don’t know how to do it, and that’s why I’m here: To facilitate the reception and understanding of the message contained in the pain. If the message is really received,the pain has no reason any more to be here and it goes away.
Except if you have waited to long. When the sickness is very deep in the body, you need an allopathic treatment. But those treatments very often fight the pain without touching the causes. Which means that other symptoms will appear.

– How do you work with a client?

– Each client is specific and needs a specific approach. Some are not ready to experience the emotional causes and I respect that. The work happens then in this deep silence I was speaking about. Other person really need a more conscious approach.

– The core of the work happens is the present moment, even if some biographical informations can be precious: I’m listening (mostly with my hands) how the energy circulates. I get then a sort energetic photo of the person, which guides me for the treatment. I listen to the resonance of each move I do and let me guide by it. I treat and diagnose in the same time during the all session. The treatment is a deep and silent dialogue.

– What is specific in your approach?

– I don’t stigmatize a client in a fixed diagnose. Energy is life, if you stop it you kill it. I just give some impulses in this life to evolve in a certain direction. The organism then does the job. Of course every person has its own particular energy structure. Session after session I get to know it better and it guides me to treat.

– During a treatment you learn to discover yourself. You move from complain to interest and love for yourself. We always believe more or less consciously that if we have pain, it is because we have done bad or that we are not as we should be! Some sessions give the opportunity to discover and accept yourself, the light and the shadow. This acceptance is a key for healing.

– What was you doing before being a therapist?

– I’ve been a sculptor. Art was an attempt to give specific experiences to a potential spectator. In fact a therapy is very close: I still wish to share the beauty and the depth we really are. When this beauty meets a knowledge (of the physical or energetic body for example) it becomes therapeutic.

You know now more about me and what I’m doing. If you want to make an appointment or ask some more information, you can contact me by clicking here.


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