”Christophe has already helped me several times directly and with complete healing in acute complaints that the GP usually can do little else with than to prescribe painkillers, or for which you first have to be referred to a hospital or specialist, so that it takes much longer. Severe, migraine-like headaches, nausea, unexplained stomach and abdominal complaints: it disappears like snow in the sun with a treatment at InnerChoice-Shiatsu. This man is truly a miracle!” Taco 2022

Christophe is an excellent therapist with a lot of experience. He helped me solve a lower back issue that I was enduring since years and he also helped me with perimonoposal complains. Nakry 2022

The sessions with Christophe supported me through difficult moments, phisically and emotionally. Reaching a deep relaxation and silence in my head has given me back the joy on being in my body and feeling exactly what my inner choice is.
The full trust Christophe gained helped me to open up secrets spaces in my hearth and make sure the jouwels that where hidden in those spaces could come back to new splendid light. Thanks Christophe for all your help.
Elisa Micca 2022

Working with Christophe was a revolutionary experience. His presence was reassuring and open, this helped me to perceive my body and emotions on a different level, through new glasses. The distant sessions were particularly surprising, somehow being on my own house allowed me to be more open, more centred on what I was experiencing. Cristophe´s reflections after the distance sessions were remarkably similar to what I was experiencing. It was also beneficial that I could remain on my own as long as I needed after the entire session.  It helped to notice that things were still moving in me. Like observing a crystal snowball that just has been shaken and the snowflakes are slowly settling down.  Pedro .2020

My Skype session with Christophe reminds me on my interior focus and my own faith. In everything repetition and selfwork is important, our therapy is a the joint venture of healing and rediscovering faith .Even if there is no physical contact , there is a strong focus and interior connection with our own self and the healing person, who guides us and provides uswith the  continuity we miss, even beyond distance . 
Sandra.  2020

‘I  want to thank you very much for what you have done for my development last year! I have learned so much about my feelings / thoughts and emotions and have become a lot more aware. I feel my own strength for the first time since shiatsu and that is very dear to me. Thank you for all your good help “- Kirsten (2019)
“I came to Christophe having literally nowhere else to go. Doctors, hospitals, specialists – none of them could help remove me from the painful daily hell I was in. They couldn’t even agree with one another about what exactly was wrong. By then I felt so ill and desperate, that it almost didn’t matter what was wrong, just whether it would become better. I felt incredible pain and violent shaking throughout every part of my body, and my active world as I had once known it was gone. Overnight I had gone from being a successful ‘professional’, to hardly being able to function – not work, sleep, eat, or think. 
It is a long road to recovered health. Through it all, it was Christophe who was there to help keep my head above water, it was Christophe who listened when no one else would or could as my body told its story. It was the treatments from Christophe that gave me periods of pain-free peace, and it was Christophe who gave me the strength, as well as the insight, to continue down the healing path. 
I cannot recommend Christophe highly enough to you – whether it be for physical or emotional pain relief and healing, or for success in treating chronic illness. If you want to be well, there’s no one better to have on your side and treating you.”
Maria C., The Hague


I consulted Christophe because I had trouble connecting to my emotions. Sometimes it was there and then nothing. The cause was to be found in painful childhood memories or I had learned to protect myself from the negativity surrounding my emotions. By working with Christophe and finding the painful situations of my youth and having really felt in my body what these experiences had done with me, I could step closer to my feelings, and I had to cry a few times . After a few months, I noticed that I could feel a lot more emotional, for example by listening to a song or watching a video. I was really happy, life being so much richer when you have a rich range of feelings. I also felt for Christophe for the first time in my life the energy circulating in my body, and it was a truly singular experience. I am very grateful to Christophe for his help and thanks to her I started to meditate, which I also strongly recommend.

Ruben 2017

When I first came to Christophe, I was totally exausted physicaly and mentaly. I had intestinal problems for years that only got worse and there were only more physical pains. After a long journey of all kinds of treatments and therapies, I finally ended up at Christophe.
The shiatsu treatments with him have really helped me in resolving many physical and mental blockades. The first treatments were intense and very confronting but I really had to go through that to create space and to come to the right insights.
Christophe is very gifted in sensing what is going on and adjusting the treatments accordingly.
My physical complaints are now greatly reduced and my energy has increased enormously; I am more in touch with myself again.
My thanks is very big Christophe and you will definitely see me!

Mona, 2016

When I arrived for my first session I was almost in tears of pain.
I did not know that when I met Christophe I went to my own meeting.
With the emotional work he guided I had access to aspects of me that I did not know.
Going through the body unveiled me new unknown potential.
The pain is gone. The cause is now known and appeased.
I go out transformed and enlarged from this inner journey. A big thank you for this attentive accompaniment.

Dominique, 2016.


For the last months I have benefited enormously from Christophe’s therapy and exceptional healing skills. Where mainstream medicine failed, Christophe did not… I offer him my most sincere gratitude for helping me claim back my body – and so my life.

Maria Carvit

 The approach is not trivial …
It represents a true desire and desire for inner change.
No showing off,  no superfluous, … there is only the truth of being that counts, the feeling of the body and the soul, the emotions.
First experience with Christophe as a jump into the unknown. I jump into the abyss of my body, my unconscious …
I feel confident.
Respect for the person, the word, the body, the feeling in the being and in the soul set the tone of the session.
Then silence …… the concentration of Christophe.
Suddenly I feel like a flow of warmth that does me good and releases emotions kept for too many years.
Finally…. I give myself the right to live. , I feel lightened by a weight that of incomprehension, silence … I find a certain inner peace! …
The voices of the body are really mysterious …!
I’m glad I dared to take the plunge. . .
Thanks Christophe
AC, 2016