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Meditation: If I resdraw from all impulses from the outside world and from all thinking connected to those perceptions, is there still something to be experienced? That’s what we want to see by practicing meditation. Not to solve the question through intellectual concepts but through direct experience. But how to get there? To this state with no perception fron outside and no thought?




Module 1:  5 lessons

  • The constitution of human being
  • Basic meditative exercises

Module 2: 10 lessons:

  • Sleep and death
  • The celestial hierarchies.
  • The creation of the universe and the human being through the spirituals hierarchies
  • Origins of the Bad. Why suffering and sickness.
  • To approach the healing forces of Christ through own free understanding.

Courses based on the books of Rudolf Steiner:
Die Geheimwissenschaft im Umriss (GA13)
Die Evolution vom Gesichtspunkte des Wahrhaftigen (GA 132)
Wie erlengt man Erkenntnisse der hoheren Welten? (GA 10)
Theosophie (GA 9)
Contact: Christophe Dumont
Hoge Zand 3A, 2512EK The Hague.
070 402 39 42

Lessons in English, Dutch or French, depending of the group.

Free presentation: Friday 16 February, 10:00

First module: Friday mornings, 23 february, 2,9,16,23 march.
Time: 10:00- 12:30
Price: 75 eu.

Time is not anymore to naively believe
but to freely understand.



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