I do every year at least 3 shiatsu workshops from internationnally knowed teachers.

2015: Mystical principle of healing, Thomas Huble

2012-2013: Viscerale manipulatie, module 1 and 2. Jean-Pierre Barral Instituut-Upledger Instituut Nederland. (Une branche de l’ostéopathie)

2012: Evolve your brain. Breaking the habit of being yourself. Joe dispenza.

Embryosophie, Jaap van der Wal
Cranio-sacrale therapy, school Etienne Peirsman.

2005-2007: Manisola; Philosophical institute for personal mastership and ethical communication by Roland van Vliet.
2006-2009: Workshops Fascia Therapy.
2006: Workshop “The Work” with Byron Katie.


1999-2005: The Amsterdam School of Iokai Shiatsu. Diploma in 2005.
1999: Evening Classes by David Nash (Classical Shiatsu), The Hague.
1998-1999: Iokai Shiatsu by Jivan Ekin, The Hague.


1999-2000: Leiden Academy of Social Art.
1992-1993: Taille de pierre (stone dressing); Bordeaux and Strasbourg.
1987-1988: Académie des Beaux Arts; Mâcon, France.
1984-1987: Académie des Beaux Arts; Lyon, France.