Remote energy therapy via Skype.

Energy does not need a physical medium to affect a living being.
I visualize your energy from a distance and process what needs to be processed.

The session takes place in 3 stages;

Dialogue via Skype to identify the subject of the session.
Remote energy treatment.
Feedback after treatment.

By meditating and visualizing your energetic condition, I work on the meridians, energy layers or organ energy.

Price: 70 eu/h. Often the session lasts half an hour and therefore costs 35 eu.

I give sessions in French, English or Dutch.

Here are some testimonials about remote sessions:

“Working with Christophe was a revolutionary experience. His presence was reassuring and open, it helped me perceive my body and my emotions on another level, through new glasses. The remote sessions were particularly surprising, being at home in a way allowed me to be more open, more centered on what I was experiencing. Cristophe’s reflections after the remote sessions were remarkably similar to what I was experiencing. It was also beneficial to be able to stay alone for as long as necessary after the entire session. It helped to notice that things were still moving inside me. Like watching a ball of crystal clear snow that has just been shaken and the snowflakes are slowly settling.” Pedro.2020

“My Skype session with Christophe reminds me of my inner focus and my own faith. In all that repetition and personal work are important, our therapy is a joint venture of healing and rediscovery of faith. Even though there is no physical contact, there is a strong focus and inner connection with ourselves and the person who heals, who guides us and gives us the continuity that we lack, even beyond distance.”
Sandra. 2020

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