Do you want deep and lasting improvement in your pain?
Are you looking for a real transformation?

You are going through an emotionally difficult period: Loss, separation, change, moving, unstable period, difficulties at work…

You go around in circles in repetitive patterns without finding a way out. Relationship, money, work, relationships with others and the world.

You suffer from chronic pain, conventional medicine doesn’t really help and you are looking for alternatives.

Some examples of symptoms treated:

– Burnout. depression, anxiety.
– Anger that is difficult to control. Irritations, frustrations.
– Sleep problems, restlessness, difficulty concentrating.
– Migraines, headaches.
– Hormonal and menstrual problems.
– Pain in the shoulders, knees, joints.
– Digestive problems.
– Blood circulation.
– Post-operative trauma.
– RSI, pain related to office work.

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