• A subtle and solid approach. Only deep contact with what is happening in you allows true healing. My touch is soft, deep and precise. It grasps the silent language of the body and knows how to interpret it. The most subtle changes are those that are deep and lasting.
  • I maintain and develop each day my listening and welcoming qualities through meditation. From this inner presence are born the understanding and compassion necessary to truly heal.
  • I approach each treatment with a fresh eye. I use the system of meridians and the circulation of energies to know what is happening in you now. I answer what is really there, in astonishment and alertness.
  • My sessions are intense and enjoyable. You experience the deep well-being of being touched with respect and compassion. You are totally welcome. An atmosphere of trust is created in which deep things can be worked on.

True healing brings understanding and a sense of gratitude for the wisdom of life.