There is a center in you absolutely healthy, whatever the sickness you have. Every healing proceed from this center. The therapist only encourage the action of this source. A session helps you to discover and experiment this healing force in you.

Energetic dis harmonies become physical problems if they last to long. To treat the energy flow is to treat more near to the cause of the problems. One disharmony in the energetic system can cause many physical issues. To treat it can then improve many symptoms at once. For the same reason is a treatment preventive. It is possible to treat a problem before it becomes physical.

Not digested emotions create blocks in the body. When emotions are to strong, specially during childhood, they can not be lived completely. The body keeps them as unconscious memories in the organ system. They bring perturbations in the organ’s which evolve into pain or sickness. When those emotional charges are liberated, you get aware of it. The organ’s system can again function normally.

Every healing process provokes more awareness. You have been through pain or difficult emotions… All this way made you richer. You have learned a lot about yourself, others and the world. A real healing gives a feeling of gratefulness towards life.