Meditation course and spiritual studies.These courses are based on the esoteric Western tradition, ie esoteric Christianity. Western tradition has remained very secret and closed, so poorly known and subject to many fantasies and interpretations. It is time to approach this knowledge in a methodical, clear, and pure way.

If you seek to understand Christianity outside any dogma, you are in the right place!

What can be known by the general public (us!) Without betraying true teaching was revealed a century ago by Rudolf Steiner. It brings a path of modern initiation, resulting from the Esoteric Christian tradition but which is however different from the gnosis and what one usually names the Tradition, the Wisdom of the elders etc. It is therefore this new path which opens before us and of which I propose you to go together a little bit.

Rudolf Steiner is therefore the basis of theoretical courses as meditations. I also borrow from contemporaries who have continued his teaching and speak in more modern terms: Dennis Kloceck and Serguei O. Prokoffief among others.

My classes include a basic module, and more specific sections: Cosmic Creation.and Esoteric Physiology.



Basic knowledge

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Esoteric physiology

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