– Find back the feeling of wonder you had as a child while looking at nature!

– Reconcile intellect and feelings.

– Meditate according to western minds

– Make a bridge between official medicine and alternative medicine.

– Learn to use visualisations.

– Learn how to develop a perception of subtile energies.(Can be applied to feel the organs as well as everything else)

Are you ready for this journey?


The Spleen: from nostalgia till harmony

Do you get the autumn spleen?
Good!:On 18 on October from 10.00 till 13.00 comes a Spleen morning!

We had in September/beginning October some absolute beautiful moments of perfect spleen’s energy: Moments of softness and harmony, beautiful rays of yellow light between clouds. A very soft yellow compared to the orange-red of summer.
Those moments are actually moments of grace: A withholding between summer and autumn, a moment of absolute between-ness, between the warm expansion of summer and the beginning of contraction leading to winter.

Inside the body the spleen is the most mysterious organ: You can remove it without dying but according to traditions like traditional Chinese medicine or esoteric Christendom this organ has very big spiritual and energetical functions.

How comes?
We will explore this mystery.

The spleen is for nostalgic people!
If you feel this nostalgia taking over, come and discover some mysteries beyond nostalgic feelings.
This nostalgia doesn’t address the 60’s, or 80’s. No it addresses our spiritual origin. This is the subtle call of the soul!

This course addresses those who feel the big inner call and want to explore the treasure it contains.

Good jump into autumn and hope to see you on Saturday 18 October!
Price; 45, – excl.
Location: Praktijkcentrum de Morgenster, Laan van Meerdervoort, 352-A2563 BB Den Haag.

Journey through the secret life of the organs.
The Heart.

Do you experience too often that your Head and your Heart as being disconnected from each other?

Do you wish to connect knowledge to spiritual forces?

Do you wish to develop some clear methods to developp your inner life?

Do you want to connect deeper to yourself and to trees, the blue sky, people?

Are you searching for a more true connection to things?

Then this Heart meditation day may be for you!

Since years I’m helping people with physical pains having psychic roots.
I’ve noticed how important it is to have a steady base if you want to work on how psychic forces and body influence each other.

I’ve seen also how ignorance is one of our biggest blockages in one personal evolution. When you know how to connect deeper vto what’s going on in yourself or in anything youn observe, there is at least one big consequence: You feel more connected, thus more alive. You’re life becomes just more intense!

Let’s bring knowledge and heart together!

During this day “Heart meditation” we will use physiology as a steady base for our visualisations and drawings. That’s a very unusual way to connect to the heart, isn’t it?

You will learn some new meditation’s ways which guide us from superficial perception till the core energy of what you are looking at or studying. Being a flower, a tree, an organ or a feeling, it doesn’t matter: When you understand the principle you can apply them to anything you want to.
No fight between head and heart anymore!
What will we do:

We will learn the 4 steps meditation: This meditation is a path to deeply connect to whatever you relate to.
We will study some basic physiology.
We will draw the processes happening in the human body.
We will use physiology as object of meditation.
This day is dedicated to te heart: We will connect to our heart in a very unsual way and discover what our heart has to teach to us.



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