Shiatsu promotes the healing forces hidden within you.

The goal of shiatsu is to harmonize the energies circulating within you.
When the blockages are removed, you feel better and the body learns to heal itself again.

Shiatsu treats the whole person. The entire interior and exterior context is taken into account.

a short video of the Grand Master founder of Iokai Shiatsu Masunaga:


The touch can be very subtle or, on the contrary, very strong, depending on the level of work necessary.

Some effects of shiatsu:

Your pain has reduced or gone away. You are fitter and feel more liberated.
You feel more alive, more complete, more in harmony with yourself and the world.
You naturally need less medication because you have become stronger internally. It is important not to interrupt medical treatment because you are coming to shiatsu.
Shiatsu treatment does not replace medical treatment.

Shiatsu comes from traditional Chinese medicine.
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