A shiatsu therapy supports the healing forces hidden in you

The treatment:

Masunaga, the foundeur of the School of Iokai Shiatsu at work:

The treatment is personal: Each person receives a specific treatment.

The purpose first : We dialogue first in order to have as clear a picture as possible of the symptoms and purpose of the therapy.

In the silence of attention: This dialogue continues in silence by shiatsu: I listen with my hands what the body and its energies tell. It’s a deepening of listening. The treatment then resembles a dive into the silence of a deep sea.

In this silence of the concentrated attention appear funny fish: Currents of energies, connections between organs and morphological structures, images, emotions …

At most effective: The treatment can continue in this quality of silence or we work more in consciousness by meditations, visualizations, ” mindfulness ” ….

Some effects of shiatsu:
– Your pains have diminished or gone away. You are in better shape and you feel more liberated.

– You naturally need less medicine because you have become stronger inside. It is important not to interrupt medical treatment because you come to shiatsu.
Shiatsu treatment does not replace medical treatment.

– You feel more alive, more complete, more in harmony with yourself and the world.

Shiatsu has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
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I don’t pretend that I can help everywhere and solve everything, but beside helping the pains to diminish, I certainly can help you to experience those deep moments of well being and contact with yourself, which allows you to find your inner compass. You get insights which help you to step further in your life.

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