Some hope in those dark days

Hello friends,
I wanted to share with you this video which gives hope and courage. I am usually extremely suspicious of anything chaneling, and other luminous wonders that make you think our times are extraordinary times of light, with no regard for human suffering. In short, I run away from all these prophets of light who lead us into their illusions.
But with this young girl it’s different. What she’s saying really comes from her and her direct perception. Materialists (I call those who think that only matter exists) obviously won’t be able to do anything with this video. I invite others to watch it. It matches my own vision of the situation, even if obviously I do not perceive as much. But intuitively yes, this is how I perceive it: the Light has already won on the higher planes, the darkness is under more and more pressure and that is why it is accelerating its plans. And that’s why we have to wake up, and especially get out of the generalized propaganda and take the risk of thinking for ourselves. Have a good viewing and let everyone form their own opinion!

PS: you can also see this video in French or Dutch.

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