Dear All,
I would have liked to wish you a Merry Christmas this year in all its simplicity, but it is not possible. There is too much nonsense, imbecility, illusions and scams (mostly unconscious I agree) going on in the world of spirituality to remain silent.
Today is the winter solstice, in a few days Christmas; The darkest day, the longest night, then the renewal of light.
This light that we celebrate every year, this light that is only found in the cave of interiority, this light is only hidden by its phenomenal simplicity.
No, there is no way to acquire this light. All those who offer you a path are scammers or ignorant.
This light of being is precisely absolutely immediate. The exact opposite of a path. We cannot not be. It is as simple, direct and obvious as that. I am and I know that I am all of a sudden: There is this light.
Why does it appear in the very middle of winter, in the very middle of darkness? It is simply the moment when Nature gives us the least. Our attention is less distracted by the things of this world. Winter, the cave, the darkness, this means an orientation of attention towards what usually goes unnoticed: The simple fact of being. The initial fact that allows us to think, feel, want…
The scam of the spiritual paths is to deny this immediacy of “I am”.
All that can be said is that the clarity of being appears in the stripping. It is winter, the cave, the place of birth.
But nothing is really born that is not already there. Stripping is a simple movement of attention: Instead of losing myself in the world, I collect myself in my presence. Presence to myself is immediate. No belief is necessary, no trick, no particular meditation but a simple movement of consciousness.
The whisper of being found has the power to transform the strata of the psyche: Mind, emotions, desires, and not the other way around.
You have no master other than yourself. Too often false spirituality consists of dispossessing you of your own inner authority. The soul is uncertain as to its validity, it is easy to offer it “solutions” by asking it to submit to some external authority…
Do not believe in images, do not worship them: They are there to express a movement of consciousness towards your very being.
Be and live!

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