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Sex education to children is a rape of the Soul

The very idea of ​​giving sex education to children is simply criminal and I will explain why: To truly understand it one must study the relationships of the soul and the body, especially the process of progressive incarnation of the soul in the body during growth. A materialist can not have this knowledge. To be […]

Cosmic Christmas!

Hallo Everyone, Beyond all families and food events (which are also important) you can also remember that Christmas and other religious event don’t belong to one specific religion but are here to help us to harmonize with the cosmos and its rhythm… 21 December, the darkest day of the year, 24, the Sun rises again. […]

Thoughts are realities

To penetrate into the spiritual world, a thinking in accordance with truth is necessary. This requires  a clear recognition of how things stand. Thoughts are real entities, and untrue thoughts are evil, obstructing, destructive entities. […] The ideal, which the man of today should set before his soul, is to be true; for thoughts are […]