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Cosmic Christmas!

Hallo Everyone, Beyond all families and food events (which are also important) you can also remember that Christmas and other religious event don’t belong to one specific religion but are here to help us to harmonize with the cosmos and its rhythm… 21 December, the darkest day of the year, 24, the Sun rises again. […]

Spirituele ochtenden.

Ochtenden voor meditatie en spirituele studie bestemd voor vrije geesten, onafhankelijk, open en rationeel, die geraakt zijn door de goddelijke vonk… Spiritualiteit moet in onze tijd wetenschappelijk benaderd worden. Het is geen kwestie meer van geloof. Het Westen ontkent zijn eigen spiritualiteit. De Westerse mens gaat zoeken in India, in het Boeddhisme wat hij hier […]

Too much protein

If one gulps down too much protein, it doesn’t go over into the body at all, but into the fecal waste matter. Even so, the body does get something from it: before it passes out, it lies there in the intestines and becomes poisonous and poisons the whole body. That’s what can happen from too […]

Fruitful Center

There is a center in every human being which cannot be attacked, touched, violated, a center which remains intact and pure whatever happens. This center is the source of any progress and any healing. How do I know that? Honestly, I don’t know how I do know that. I know it, that’ all… And if […]

A ray of light

Spring is coming! The energy rises again in the plants and trees. Everyone has its own rhythm. The oak already proudly enjoys its own power. The beech is still very sleepy. But life force rises everywhere in any blade of grass. Thanks to the dark winter, any bit of life appears strong and clear…that’s the […]