Sex education to children is a rape of the Soul

The very idea of ​​giving sex education to children is simply criminal and I will explain why:
To truly understand it one must study the relationships of the soul and the body, especially the process of progressive incarnation of the soul in the body during growth.
A materialist can not have this knowledge. To be clear, I call the materialist who believes that only matter exists and that the soul and the spirit are only fancies, or if the materialist admits the existence of the soul and spirit ( he can not tell the difference), he claims that no knowledge can be made of it and that only subjective opinions are possible.
It is therefore the ideology that currently leads the world in general (politics, economy, science) and the vision of education in particular.
That is why I say that a teacher who is fed with materialism will not rebel against a sexual education for children, whereas it is a real rape of the soul.
Except if without having any knowledge  about the incarnation of the soul in the body, he has a confused intuition about it.

The language of the child is that of images and the imaginary, not that of cold physical reality and analytical concepts. To approach any subject with concepts with a child is to do violence to his world. And this violence marks him for life.

If the child asks about where he / she comes from, we must find images of nature: The storks are an image of the soul that incarnates. The child is still close to the spiritual world from which he comes and he still carries a confused memory. So it’s an image that echoes in him what he already knows. That is why this image speaks to him and especially to his true origin. Origin that a materialist can not conceive of course.
Or show the bees carrying the pollen as an image of fertilization. It is an image that implies no desire because sexual desire does not exist in childhood. To project sexual desires is completely tarnished. It’s a degenerate thought that no longer has any access to the soul world, as was the case with Freud. A thought of someone unable to perceive that the growth of a child is the story of the progressive incarnation of his soul and that each age incarnate certain qualities and abilities that were not before . Sexuality is not incarnated before puberty and to speak about it before physiologically is a total non-respect of the growth of the child.
I am a father of 2 girls and all my experience confirms the spiritual science: There is absolutely nothing sexual in the love that binds a father and his daughters.
The materialists are in power but that changes. The changes will not be painless. We can no longer let the pseudo-scientific vision of materialism continue to destroy the world.
I am obliged to super reduce my thought that comes from the spiritual science verified by my experience but I hope that this time its content is clearer.

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