Thoughts are realities

To penetrate into the spiritual world, a thinking in accordance with truth is necessary. This requires  a clear recognition of how things stand. Thoughts are real entities, and untrue thoughts are evil, obstructing, destructive entities. […]

The ideal, which the man of today should set before his soul, is to be true; for thoughts are realities, and true thoughts are beneficial realities. Untrue thoughts — however well they may be enwrapped with the cloak of leniency as regards their own nature, — untrue thoughts received into man’s inner being, are realities which retard the world and humanity.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 181 – Earthly Death and Cosmic Life: Lecture 4: The Cosmic Thoughts and our Dead – Berlin, 5th March, 1918

Translated by Harry Collison

skype sessions emotional transformation.

You will find on this page the description of the  skype sessions.

-Are you going through emotional difficulties?
–  Are you in a period of stress?
– Are you going through a challenging time in your life?
– Do you feel that you need some support to climb the mountain?
– Are  you experiencing some recurrent problems and do you want more control  of your life?

These skype sessions will address emotional problems and several stresses that you may experience in your life right now.
No need to come to my practice to get some help anymore!
Feel free to contact me to see if a skype session would be appropriate for you.
This initial consultation is completely free, with no obligation. It is a way for us to determine if this type of treatment is right for you.

I know that most of my clients particularly appreciate the soft welcoming quality of touch during a shiatsu session. I can guarantee you that you will also experience this total welcoming attention and atmosphere during a skype session.

The session itself consists of two parts: an initial conversation to accurately determine the most relevant issues in your life right now that you would like to change. This item is sometimes very quick to see. Sometimes it takes a longer dialogue before to be able to trace the exact energy which is in need of change.
Once this root cause is identified, transformation can begin, which is the second part of the work. Through focus, attention and deep listening, it is possible to tune into the energetic resonations within the body. I can then guide you, step by step, to release the energy block, and replace it with a new, positive energy.  At the end of the session you will experience a new impulse, like a new seed in you, to make new decisions, move in new directions and create new openings.

Do you want to change a negative emotion, free yourself from a stuck situation , or find new ways, when it feels like everything is resisting?

Be sure that my sessions will bring you new perspectives.
Be sure that you will be surprised by your own richness. I’ m only here to help you to get there.
I  would never pretend that I can solve everything but I can guarantee that I can help you one step further on your journey.

I bring in this work more than 12 years of experience as  a shiatsu therapist and as a facilitator in emotional transformational processes. To transform suffering, to understand its deep function and to learn to use it as a mean of development has always been my passion.

During the one year training of Thomas Hubl ‘’Mystical principle of healing’’, I could experience the power of distant sessions through skype.
This path of healing is always deepening and is leading to the discovery of the depth and the beauty of the human soul.
This path leads to the inner gratitude towards life, which lies in every one of us and is waiting to be awakened.

But our big treasures are well kept .
As the dragon watches over gold, our riches are guarded by our deficiencies, our shortcomings, our limiting beliefs, our apparent limits.
We have to face the Dragon to reach the Gold. There is no other way!

This Dragon presents itself to us in the form of obstacles, frustrations, diseases, invasive emotions and disharmonies. These sufferings are calls for change. I invite you to cross the disharmonies to find your riches and reconnect with the natural joy of existing.


The price of a session is 60.00 eu / hour, taxes included.
For my shiatsu customers the first session is gratis!

The session takes place only if it is paid in advance, to avoid any inconvenience.

Guarantee: If for any reason you are unhappy with the session, you have a week after the session to let me know. I will then reimburse you in full.

To contact me, simply click here or call me at 070 402 39 42.

Yours truly!

PS: I work in Dutch, English and French.
PPS: Paintings by Odilon Redon.


Merry Christmas!

boeuf et aneEach religious celebration is an opportunity to remember how deep our life is connected and dependent on the Universe.

Each year, 3 days after the winter’s solstice, is the Nativity. The birth of Jesus in a cave.
Such simple images are carrying such a deep wisdom, and one can be so slow to unveil it. According to the Gnostics we will look today at those pictures as descriptions of pure inner processes. It means that diving deep into those images can lead us to inner experiences and deeper inner knowledge.

The ox and the donkey stand for the belly and the head. In the threefold view on human being, the 3 main centers are belly- chest- head, corresponding, among other things, to the three soul’s qualities: willing-feeling-thinking.

Thus, we see that something happens between head and belly, in the cavity of the heart. Originally the scene did not take place in a stable but in a cave. This corresponds much more to its actual meaning: a cavity in the left ventricle of the heart. This is the place where the miracle happens: every year here a new man is born. The Jesus child is the glimpse of the divine in us. Every year in the middle of winter, in the darkness, when will land head are at rest, rises the awareness of our Center of eternity, the seed of immortality.

When everything is silent, in this very cavity of the heart, rises our divine self, immortal and connected to the all universe, it is a tiny flame. It is up to us to notice it or not, to cultivate it or not. It is here anyway, waiting to be seen, needing nothing but our attention to grow.
There is a condition for it to be seen: to accept first to experience the darkness of the winter, this moment of absolute not knowing and to stay in it.

One can say it is a tiny little source of pure love, ready to grow if we take care of it.

So, those simple images indeed evoke beautiful deep processes. It is possible then to take some time with those images, what they evoke and let grow in us this tiny strong loving center.

It is Christmas and it is all over the year. When one withdraws from any earthy activity, when one withdraws from any thnking, and simply concentrates on the silence of the heart, one can feel the quality of this inner flamme.
Christmas every day! Christmas all year long!


Merry Christmas!

About the Origin of sickness

R.SteinerThere are three soul forces in human beings: thinking, feeling and willing. These three forces are bound up with the physical organization. Certain thoughts and feelings will call up certain acts of will. The human organism must function correctly if the three soul forces are to act in harmony. If the connection between them has broken down due to illness, then there is no longer consistency between thinking, feeling and willing. If an organ connected with the will is impaired, the human being will be unable to translate his thoughts into impulses of will; he is weak as far as action is concerned. Although a person is well able to think, he cannot decide on action. Another disturbance may be that someone is unable to link thoughts and feelings correctly; this human cannot bring his feelings into harmony with the thoughts behind them. Basically that is the cause of insanity.

In the normally constituted human being of today, thinking, feeling and willing are in harmony. This is right at certain stages of evolution. However, it must be born in mind that as far as a person is concerned, this harmony is established unconsciously. If a person is to be initiated, if he or she is to become capable of higher perception, then thinking, feeling and willing must be severed from one another. The organs connected with feeling and will must undergo division. Consequently, even if it cannot be proved anatomically, the organism of an initiate is different from that of a non-initiate. Because the contact between thinking, feeling and willing is severed, the initiate can see someone suffering without his feelings being roused; he can stand aside and coldly observe. The reason is that nothing must occur in the initiate unconsciously. An individual is compassionate out of his own free will, not because of some external compulsion. He becomes separated into human beings of feeling, a person of will and a thinking person; above these three is the ruler, the newfound individual, bringing them into harmony from a higher consciousness. Here too a death process, a destructive process must intervene; should this occur without a higher consciousness being attained, insanity would set in. Insanity is in fact a condition in which the three soul members have separated without being ruled by a higher consciousness.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 55 – Supersensible Knowledge – Lecture III – The Origin of Suffering – Berlin, 8th November 1906

The effect of the spiritual knowledge on the character

R.SteinerThe effect upon character is one of the most important results that can accrue from spiritual knowledge. Abstract intellectual knowledge is like an artificial root; it has been constructed by the intellect — no plant can grow from it. This is true of all the scientific knowledge that men respect and revere to-day, useful though it be, and by no means to be disparaged. From a real root grows a real plant; and from a real knowledge, whereby man can unite his spirit with the Spirits of the World, grows little by little the complete man who knows what true selflessness — selfless love — is, and what egoism is, and from this understanding derives impulses to act and work in life — the impulse, where it is right, to be selfless; or again, where he perhaps has need to draw forth something from his own being in preparation for life — there, openly, without any disguise, to develop egoism.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 231 – Spiritual Knowledge: A Way of Life – The Hague, 16th November 1923

Translated by Mary Adams

Spirituele ochtenden.

Ochtenden voor meditatie en spirituele studie bestemd voor vrije geesten, onafhankelijk, open en rationeel, die geraakt zijn door de goddelijke vonk…


Spiritualiteit moet in onze tijd wetenschappelijk benaderd worden. Het is geen kwestie meer van geloof.

Het Westen ontkent zijn eigen spiritualiteit. De Westerse mens gaat zoeken in India, in het Boeddhisme wat hij hier al onder zijn voeten heeft. Door dat te doen bevindt hij zich in een spagaat tussen het Westerse concept van de kracht van het ik en het Boeddhistische concept van de vernietiging van het ik.

Als er Eén Kennis is, moet men haar benaderen volgens zijn eigen cultuur, om aldaar kiemen van nieuwe ontwikkelingen te kunnen brengen.

Het vergeten van het spirituele in het Westen is geen toeval. Dat is een historische noodzaak geweest om de materie te kunnen beheersen. Als men blijft vastzitten in deze beheersing, zonder de spiritualiteit weer te ontwikkelen, krijgen wij de wereld van nu.

Onze spiritualiteit weer ontwikkelen is geen luxe, het is een noodzaak. Haar weer te ontwikkelen in vormen die bij ons passen is dringend.

Op persoonlijk niveau om rust en blijvende innerlijke vreugde te vinden.

Op sociaal niveau om uit deze chaos te komen.


Alleen de Kennis brengt een blijvende vreugde. Maar welke Kennis?

Het kennen en beheersen van de materie is niet voldoende. Het is nodig om het onzichtbare achter het zichtbare te leren kennen. Maar je kan het onzichtbare niet zomaar kennen. Daar zijn voorwaarden voor. Je moet jezelf kennen en enige meesterschap over jezelf hebben verworven om het onzichtbare op een gezonde manier te kunnen benaderen.

Er bestaat geesteswetenschap, maar je moet de echte leraren vinden. Hier zijn een paar leraren die zich kenmerken door de breedte en diepte van hun onderricht: Rudolf Steiner, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, Daskalos, Martinus.

Maar hoe vind je je weg in de overvloed aan spirituele boeken, workshops, cursussen etc?

Dat is het onderwerp van deze ochtenden: zich wijden aan spirituele kennis, deze door meditatie in zichzelf te integreren, zich laten transformeren door deze kennis.

Niks spectaculairs, maar wel inspanningen die hun vruchten zullen afwerpen op de lange termijn. Niet voor mensen die een quick-fix oplossing verwachten.

Bepaalde ontwerpen die kunnen aan de bot komen:

  • Meditatie: begrijpen wat ik doe en…doen!…
  • Van Materie naar Geest.
  • Van Geest naar materie.
  • Het openen van het Hart gaat via het openen van het hoofd.
  • Van het kleine naar het grote ik.
  • De lichamen van de mens, gezien van de spirituele kennis.
  • Het transformatie proces: Dood en op nieuw geboren woorden.
  • De evolutie van het mens bewustzijn zichtbaar gemaakt via de kunst historie.
  • Princiepen van schepping: Hoe de Natuur het Universum schept.
  • Kan ik deze principes imiteren om mijn eigen leven te creëren.
  • De nood van de verschoning van de Ziel.
  • Zelf genezing: principes en in de praktijk.
  • De rol van Christus in de mens evolutie.
  • Waarom is Boeddha populair en Christus niet.
  • Religieuze ontwikkeling zonder te moeten een religieus groep te volgen.
  • De tijden van het naïeve geloof zijn op: Ruimte voor de studie tijden!
  • Van hoofd naar Hart: van begrijpen naar ervaren.
  • Een brug tussen de wetenschap van de materie en het wetenshap van de geest.
  • Het mens als een microkosmos.
  • Voorwaarden om de kennis van het onzichtbaar te ontwikkelen.
  • Transmutatie van de ziele krachten door meditatie.
  • Vragen?

Vrijdag ochtend, om de week, van 10.00 tot 12.00.
Eerste les gratis, daarna: 20 Eu.
Begin: Frijdag 16 september 2016
Hoge Zand 3A, 2512EK Den Haag.
Contact: Christophe Dumont,, 070 402 39 42.

Geen specifieke kennis is nodig om deze lessen te kunnen volgen.



The eye for the perception of the spiritual world must be acquired on earth through active spiritual knowledge

R.SteinerAs the physical eye must be acquired in the pre-earthly life, so must the eye, for the perception of the spiritual world, be acquired here on earth through spiritual science, active spiritual knowledge. I do not mean through clairvoyance — that is an individual affair — but through the understanding, with healthy intelligence, of what is discovered by clairvoyant research. It is simply untrue to say that one must see into the spiritual world oneself in order to believe what the clairvoyants see. It is not so. […] We need only be prepared to think the thing out, and feel it through and through. It is this recognition by healthy human understanding, of what is given out of the spiritual world — it is not the clairvoyance, but the activity of knowledge — which provides us with spiritual eyes after death. The clairvoyant has to acquire this spiritual eye just the same as other men. For what we gain by Imaginative Cognition, what we perceive in seership, falls away and vanishes after a few days. It only does not do so if we bring it down to the standpoint of ordinary understanding, and in that case we are obliged to understand it in the very same way in which it is understood by those to whom we communicate it. In effect, clairvoyance as such is not the essential task of man on earth. Clairvoyance must only be there in order that the supersensible truths may be found. But the task of man on earth is to understand the supersensible truths with ordinary, healthy human understanding.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 218 – Spiritual Relationships in the Human Organism – Stuttgart, 9th December 1922

Initiatic knowledge

Omraam Mikhael AivanhovThe knowledge you are given in initiatic teachings is so far removed from your usual field of awareness that it does not immediately penetrate your brain. But out of everything you have heard or read, something necessarily remains in your subconscious, and one day when your capacity for understanding has developed, this knowledge will come back to you.

If you want to gain a faster understanding of initiatic truths, you should train your brain. It is the finest of instruments. It does not grow weaker with age at the same time as the other organs, because it is where the divine hierarchies have placed their power.

That is, it does not grow weaker, if it is nurtured by mental activity. For what is thought? It is a kind of ladder we have received from Cosmic Intelligence which we must learn to use to go higher.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,

L’Homme à la conquete de sa destinée

tell%20a7-copyL’existence terrestre n’est qu’apparence et illusion. C’est pourquoi, devant les difficultés et les épreuves que vous rencontrez, vous devez vous dire : « En réalité, ce n’est pas à moi que cela arrive, c’est à quelqu’un d’autre… Je ne sais pas à qui, mais en tout cas pas à moi. Moi, je suis invulnérable, je suis seulement un spectateur. »

Prenons l’exemple d’un acteur de théâtre. Chaque soir, il joue une pièce où son ennemi mortel verse du poison dans son verre, et il meurt. Mais s’il vous arrive de le rencontrer après la représentation au bistrot du coin, vous le verrez trinquer tranquillement avec son assassin : il n’a même pas peur qu’il lui ait versé à nouveau du poison dans son verre.

Alors, pourquoi ne pas comprendre que, toutes proportions gardées, ce sont les mêmes comédies qui se jouent dans la vie courante ? Au lieu de prendre tellement au sérieux certaines situations désagréables, dites-vous : « Bah ! c’est du théâtre. Quand la pièce sera terminée, les choses m’apparaîtront différemment. » En vous habituant à raisonner ainsi, vous ne serez plus autant affecté par les inconvénients que vous avez à subir.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Izvor 202, L’Homme à la conquete de sa destinée

Not one, but many healths..

There is not only one health, but there are as many healths as there are human beings. We must incorporate that in our attitude if we want to see the issues of health and illness in the right light. We must incorporate in our attitude that the human being is an individual being that every human being is different from the other, and that that which is salutary to the one is noxious and disease causing to the other, that it completely depends on his individual state.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 57 – Where and How Does One Find the Spirit?: Lecture VIII: Issues of Health in the Light of Spiritual Science – Berlin, 14th January, 1909