Are we powerless in front of terrorist’s attacks?

descente-de-croix-van-der-wAre we powerless in front of terrorist’s attacks? Me, in my little life, is there anything I can do?
Of course it is bringing feelings of fear, insecurity and angriness. When I’m taken by those feelings I actually react as the terrorists want me to react. If I go into war I also play their game. What to do then? Do I have to stay powerless, or just take distance from the all event and the emotions created by it? Powerlessness, angriness, indifference, is that it?
I don’t think so. As those events are creating a field of emotional reactions it is possible to act on this field in order to help a healing process.
I would like to bring here a simple meditation to help everyone with its own temperament and personality and still being able to create a potential for a collective answer.
The principles of this action are simple and well-known. They are given to us by many spiritual teachers as Krishnamurti, Byron Kathie, Thomas Hubl, Eckard Tolle, Buddha, and Christ.
It is all about presencing, being fully present to what is. Some people send prayers. Their intention is good but to become really efficient in to help the energetic field they need to be supported through awareness.
Answer to violence with awareness. What does it mean practically?
Here comes the meditation:
Start as any meditation, sit and calm down. Go away from mental and emotional agitation. Use deep breathing to help that. No use to reach perfect calmness. Go to the calmness you can reach at that moment.
From this quiet place let arise in you all the thoughts and feelings connected to the events in Paris. Bring you presence to them, offer your awareness to them. Watch them, let them be without losing yourself in them.
The motto is: To violence and unawareness bring presence and awareness. Do it for yourself as creating a space where those feelings can be worked out and transcended. Do it also for every single person being in pain, fear or angriness. It is like creating a container where those feelings can be transformed. It is not about denying feelings and sending positive energy, it is about recognition for what happens now, in you and in the world.
Recognition of what is has a healing power. Of course more skilled persons can even work deeper according to their own abilities. But on a very simple level to participate to stop the fear and to create an awareness field can already be really powerful. On that no terrorist can do anything.

On our little level we can thus step out powerlessness. Everyone can become a little bit responsible, take in charge a little bit of the pain going on.
This answer doesn’t require any believe or religion. It is awareness work. As fear spread out sustained through human’s being, so do awareness as well.

If you believe that this can help, let it know around you. The more participating, the stronger the answer.

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