Generational traumas and physical pains.


Traumas are passed on from generation to generation. Without noticing it we are actually carrying our all family’s story. As child we are very open and pick up the unsolved issues of our parents. It is then too much to take; we cannot experience those issues fully nor digest it. We disconnect ourselves from what we experience. We avoid feeling certain areas of our emotional life, in order to be able to go on. This protection is at that time necessary but it becomes a habit, an unconscious area in our system. There is a zone in us that we can just not feel any more. This zone, not receiving our attention gets also less energy. We become fragmented and don’t experience ourselves as a whole anymore.

20, 30 years later this less energy area has developed into physical pains: Less energy means less circulation, less blood, less nutrition. Body’s dysfunctions appear.
Meanwhile we have developed enough maturity and strength to be able to feel what was too much to feel as a child.
That’s then time for therapy: A therapist helps to revisit what is left behind as a blind spot in consciousness in order to reintegrate it. Bringing consciousness, presence, brings energy back. Bringing energy allows blocked part to get in movement. Pains caused by the fixed energy diminish, awareness grows, behavior is freer, and a feeling of being more complete arises. Life’s experience gets more full and joyful.


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