Hidden forces of the physical body.


squeletFrom where do hate and moral coldness come from? From my body!
There are forces of the physical body which are essential for building and maintaining the form and solidity of the physical body.
But those forces which are at their place when there are busy building the body take over their function and are influencing the soul forces, the psyche. They are natural forces which are taking over some psychic forces: The bones need those forces to maintain their solidity.
Solidity comes from coldness. Warmth makes things lose their form.
The first cold are coming, it not yet freezing, but we can already experience that coldness freezes us: We get more stiff, perhaps it is more difficult to stand up, we want to stay home, to withdraw in our self, to communicate less and to feel our inner world. Isn’t it like that? What a better picture than water freezing in winter to experience the work of coldness. Coldness maintains form.
But what is coldness? What is the essence of coldness? It is to withdraw from communication, to go inside, to get into form, to become more self-centre, more egocentric. With warmth is movement, communication, love. Cold is egocentrism and even hate!

How would a bone maintain its form? How would a body maintain its form? Through coldness, through egocentric force and hate! Yes that’s what is going on in this wise very wise body!

What to do then if from so deep such destructive forces are invading my psyche?
Getting aware, understanding: It helps to give things their right place. It helps first no to feel guilty about having those impulses: They belong to human constitution. It is therefore also the task of human to learn to recognize those impulses and to be influence less and less by them.

What more is necessary then?
Develop the opposite of hate. Develop love. Love is the natural impulse of the soul, but how far are those impulses nowadays?
To learn to know the physical body is also an act of love. Knowledge is pure love. It is pure interest for what is. This wanting to know what is without judgement is love.

What are your experiences? How do you deal with hate, indifference, judging the other? How do you deal with those tendencies to believe that everybody should think, feel and act like you? (Even if your life is a total mess). Are you able to recognize those impulses in you?
Leave some comments below, that a great subject…

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