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Hidden forces of the physical body.

  From where do hate and moral coldness come from? From my body! There are forces of the physical body which are essential for building and maintaining the form and solidity of the physical body. But those forces which are at their place when there are busy building the body take over their function and […]

Journey through the secret life of the organs: The Heart.

  Is Love located in the Heart? How to know that? We will proceed scientificaly: Lets take a big knife and cut cut cut into one body till the heart to see what’s going on other there… What do we find?: Muscles, veins, arteries, blood…but still no love. We keep- courage and make a nice […]

The secret life of the Liver

Yesterday was the Liver meditation day. The first day of a new serie about body forces/soul forces connections. A kind of new baby who still has to grow!… I’m amazed about the working of those meditations. I was today feeling all day long the effect of it. I was feeling the power of the liver […]

Journey through the secret life of the organs.

As doctor you’ve certainly started your study with at least two feelings: The wonder for the human body and the wish to help people .You sure help people every day but could you still keep this feeling of wonder for the human body?Perhaps you became such specialised that you’ve lost the contact with your patient […]