Organ’s wisdoom


We will see what we can learn from our body: A Lot!
My organs can be my life-spiritual teachers. They can teach me a profound wisdom. They can be a trustful guide in my daily life and even an example of inner development.
But how to approach them? How to become receptive to their messages?
By using some specific meditations we will be able to experience the body’s wisdom. We will meditate on picture of the perfect body, in which each part is in harmony with the other parts and with the whole. By meditating this models we will understand our role as rider, we will be in better state to take our true role towards the body: Being the rider who can give direction to life forces…
The physical body is a miracle that we usually ignore. As I walk, speak, work, look around, drink my coffee, walk outside a cold winter day or a hot summer day…my blood stays constantly at 37 degrees! How is that possible? Who is regulating this? Do I do it unconsciously or is it ‘’Nature’’ doing it. But what is nature then?
Whatever activity I’m busy with, my body is functioning. Even more: Whatever aggression I send to him, in term of bad food, coffee, stress, angriness, fears, cold, warmth, negative thinking…my body holds its integrity as good as it can, every moment, day and night, from conception to death…
We take this daily miracle for granted until it breaks into pain or sickness. We start them to pay attention to some part of it, the painful parts.
But what about honouring this beauty happening in us every single moment of the day?
I invite you for a little journey into this unseen daily miracle. I invite you to discover what your body is doing for you, every moment of the day, every moment of the night, every step you do.
Just think only one moment about all the functions, blood circulation, nervous system, digestive system, glandular system…all this systems being there, collaborating together and being ready to serve you!
Being ready to perform any action you project into the world, being ready to allow you to express your being into the physical world. By seeing this dedication of your own body towards yourself, don’t you start to experience a bit of gratefulness? And with a growing awareness, doesn’t this gratefulness just grow by itself?
Observing the complexity of a human body can be pretty overwhelming. That’s the reason why we will make very little steps. From this complexity I’ve extracted some specific simple pictures as mean of meditation.
We start next Monday with the element Air and the organ Lungs.

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