Steps to know in a healing process

cheval Madeleine
Today I went to see my daughter at a horse show. Before the competition she would be blank from fear. But the moment she started she went into focus. Her transformation was beautiful to see: From a little afraid kid to a very concentrated being. Even the horse changed its attitude. A strong feeling of dignity was unifying them. After the competition she could finally relax and enjoy this great feeling of “I did it!’’

This all process from fear to focus to empowerment also occurs in any self-healing and transformative process. Any therapy knows its moments of doubts. Or better said, it is fear taking the mask of doubt. Then those kinds of thoughts would arise:
‘’I don’t really know if I will go on with this therapy’’
‘’Anyway it doesn’t work for me’’
‘’I need another kind of therapy, another therapist, etc.’’
Recognisable, isn’t it?
It’s like a horse lesson: It starts all good and suddenly you find yourself in a situation that you don’t really like any more.

This moment is very crucial in any transformative healing process. It actually means that the old structure which was making you sick is breaking down. But at that point nothing new has come yet in place of the old. It’s a moment of necessary chaos.

The understanding of the process helps you to find the courage to go through. If you know it in advance it is somehow okay. Courage is what you need at that moment.
But if you don’t know about the steps of healing, you just get lost and afraid and want to step back. It is very sad to see someone doing that. It is like stopping in the middle of the bridge. If you step back at that moment, fear wins and it becomes in the future more difficult to heal that inner part. Fear can take many kind of clever objections.

So in order to support your own healing process it is important to be aware of the following steps:

– 1. Meeting what’s going on without judgement. Here you learn to feel and see what happen in you as clear as possible.

– 2. Moment of chaos: accepting to lose the old pattern without knowing what could come in place of. Here is asked the courage to stay in the middle of a situation you don‘t really control any more.

-3. Creation of a new structure. The collapsing of the old and the confusion it has brought has created a space of new possibilities. In this potentiality you can meet your creative power. You realize that it can be much deeper and powerful than any limitative believes you had about yourself. You create a new pattern which gives you energy and power instead of the old one which was making you sick.

I hope that this little text can help you in your own healing process.
So if you encounter some chaos, don’t fear it, find courage to go through and enjoy to encounter your creativity!
Now, I’m curious to hear from you! Do you recognize anything said here that you would like to share? You can do it via this blog.



3 reacties op “Steps to know in a healing process

  1. Sebastiaan zegt:

    hallo christophe.
    bedankt voor dit fijne stukje texst.
    het lijkt wel alsof het persoonlijk naar mij is geschreven.

    groeten uit Zwitserland van Sebastiaan Hijstek

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