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When the Sun goes down

Dear reader, Can you hear the call of the loneliness of 19.00? This letter addresses only the one who can pass it without turning or pushing any button: No TV, no sms, telephone, I-pad this or that etc.etc.etc. Still anybody there? … Can you hear the call of the loneliness of 19.00? Can you feel […]

The secret life of the Liver

Yesterday was the Liver meditation day. The first day of a new serie about body forces/soul forces connections. A kind of new baby who still has to grow!… I’m amazed about the working of those meditations. I was today feeling all day long the effect of it. I was feeling the power of the liver […]

Journey through the secret life of the organs.

As doctor you’ve certainly started your study with at least two feelings: The wonder for the human body and the wish to help people .You sure help people every day but could you still keep this feeling of wonder for the human body?Perhaps you became such specialised that you’ve lost the contact with your patient […]

A good morning meditation is a good start!

If you enjoy meditating within a group this message is for you: here comes a morning with meditations and some short and simple physical exercises. It will happen on Saturday 11 April from 9.00 till 10.00. We keep it short and cheap: One hour maximum and only 5€, just for the costs of the location. […]

Steps to know in a healing process

Today I went to see my daughter at a horse show. Before the competition she would be blank from fear. But the moment she started she went into focus. Her transformation was beautiful to see: From a little afraid kid to a very concentrated being. Even the horse changed its attitude. A strong feeling of […]