When the Sun goes down

soleil-copy-2Dear reader,

Can you hear the call of the loneliness of 19.00?
This letter addresses only the one who can pass it without turning or pushing any button: No TV, no sms, telephone, I-pad this or that etc.etc.etc.

Still anybody there? …

Can you hear the call of the loneliness of 19.00?
Can you feel the declining Sun in your own being?

Who still know how to decline with the Sun at the end of the day? Who still knows how to greet the journey of the Sun till its end? Who still feel the step for step withdraw of the light into darkness? Who can still experience this light vertigo by the oncoming of the night? When the warmth of the solar luminary softly withdraws and leaves in us a soft tear.

Who still knows to feel the thirst? Who still can listen to the call? Who can still let himself dug through the vanishing of the Big Luminary? Who still knows about following its wound till its bottom?

Who still knows about his thirst? The one who knows and recognize his thirst has found the well. The one who let himself being dug becomes, oh miracle, receptive!
The one who knows and recognize its thirst will be refreshed.

When the Sun vanishes on the horizon and opens in us this gap, it just loses its materiality to fill us with its bliss and love. Nothing spectacular, a soft glow for the ones who are available, for the one who had the silent courage not to press any button and who had decided for one evening to experience their lives, their real lives, like it is, just like it is, full of silent surprises…



PS: See Saint John of the cross. He says it much deeper, longer, and better.
PPS: More relax:‘’ There is a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in’’Leonard Cohen.
And so many more. Perhaps you recognize ?

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