Journey through the secret life of the organs: The Heart.


Is Love located in the Heart?
How to know that?
We will proceed scientificaly: Lets take a big knife and cut cut cut into one body till the heart to see what’s going on other there…


What do we find?:
Muscles, veins, arteries, blood…but still no love. We keep- courage and make a nice drawing of that.

Let’s look further…

Let’s put part together again, Mister Frankenstein and let strong Lightening animate this dead body!…and see what will happen…


Re-animating science
Re-animating science


Let’s bring power of concentration into the picture of dead body and see. If the light is intense enough, dead body starts to move again! It gets re-animated! It get a Soul again!…

Pictures created bij the Mind become Experiences: Feelings, colors, senstions, emotions, joy, warthm, cold, light, joy, enthousiasm and perhaps…Love!

creation of the Sun.
creation of the Sun.

A new sun arises inside your chest, radiant like a new born God!

Science has surprisingly enough lead us into Life and love.

Want to participate to the secret life of the organ?
the Heart medition day is on, 19 july.

You can get all the practical informations under this link

If you have something on the Heart you want to say, please, leave a commet on this blog!

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