The all healing process described in a middle ages painting!

I saw yesterday in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam this  beautiful painting from Cornelis Engebrechtsz (ca.1662-1527): ‘’Christ Taking Leave of is Mother’’. The all healing process is silencly described, for the one who takes the time and interest to read it.


The simplicity and the immense tenderness between the two caught my attention. Follow the gesture of the arms, the hands and above all follow the faces. Look how the faces and the arms are forming a triangle and see how a very intimate space is created between Christ and Maria: A very soft love full of dignity.
Follow the colours: White and dark being unified together in this embrace.
A feeling of infinite tenderness arises from this painting, but also of infinite acceptation.

Here we get one secret of healing: acceptation of what there is, acceptation of what happens. See again the two faces: They know. They know what’s going on. See the solemnity of their expressions. They know about the coming suffering and they accept.

See the determination in the face of Christ: “What has to be done will be done”. ”Love what is ” as Byron Kathie would say.
What will happen then?
308Follow under the crossed arms: Here is a black triangle pointing down! You understand? Pointing to the earth, to darkness, digging a hole, to death!
Look also behind: can you see the tower with black windows?
After the acceptance comes the second phase of the healing process: Dying!
Going into the unknown, loosing form! Not knowing any more, losing control! And still…Accepting! And even more is necessary: Trust, unshakable trust!






We follow the next step: On the left side, a path, water, a bridge. Next to the tower (tower= going inside), a tree: It is vertical, it stands as a border, axis between right and left, front and back, dark and light.
After death comes a vertical process. A rising up, a new Self raises up.




And next to the tower we can see raven: black animals who can fly! Black like the death, flying like angels. They connect the dead ones and living ones! They fly from here till the over side and back!


Raising up, going to the spiritual side, raising up to a new spiritual being, raising up and getting reborn in the sky of light, as new and fresh spiritual being!

Last part of the healing: a new born, a new energy. We can go further with a new spirit!

So, Doctor Freud, it seems that they knew something’s about soul transformations at that time, don’t you think?


And what about you, brother/sister(!) reader, did you see something today which did really inspire you?

Will you see something tomorrow again which will really inspire you? A tree leaf, a sparkle of sun?….


305-copy-4PS: A triangle pointing down, a black hole, a tower, a river, a bridge, a tree, some raven….””Hum!…” said an alchemist walking around by chance….


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