The secret life of the Liver

Liver-day3Yesterday was the Liver meditation day. The first day of a new serie about body forces/soul forces connections. A kind of new baby who still has to grow!…

I’m amazed about the working of those meditations. I was today feeling all day long the effect of it. I was feeling the power of the liver in its aspect that we called yesterday Jupiterian aspect: The one who sees the all situation and who has the energy to organize his life. The impulse to put things in order, to place each thing where it belongs.

I’m amazed to see how some meditations give back to one organ its power by reminding it its original function, before it could have been disturbed by the strange life one sometimes experiences…


This organ receives the pictures of how it should work. And the real magic is that the organ gets it! It gets it if the meditation is done in a right way, I mean with enough intensity and concentration: The mind is quick, but the body needs some insistence to step out of old programs and accept some new one.

The power of creating inner pictures is much bigger than what we usually think. That’s why it is so important to strive to nourish ourselves with pictures which help us. This power of meditation is endless and can always go deeper!


Soon will come the second part of this serie: The Heart!!! I will let you know.

Do you also have experienced in your life how inner pictures can be powerful? Leave a reply to share this, we all can learn from those experiences!

Best regards,



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