Journey through the secret life of the organs.

5-elements2-copyAs doctor you’ve certainly started your study with at least two feelings: The wonder for the human body and the wish to help people .You sure help people every day but could you still keep this feeling of wonder for the human body?Perhaps you became such specialised that you’ve lost the contact with your patient as a whole.
Many times you may feel that the pains you’re helping have deeper roots in the psyche of the patient but that’s not your speciality and you keep silence about it.

You have developed objective knowledge but you‘re also a searcher in your inner world. You would like to find the link between objective scientist knowledge and inner contemplation of your psychic forces.

Or you’re a therapist (shiatsu, cranio-sacral, body-mind work…) and you would like to enlarge your perception of the organs you’re working with. Every knowledge which has been experienced becomes a tool for diagnose. You know that there is always more, always deeper and that you can always help on more and more layers.

Perhaps you are following some meditations courses which are all about stopping thinking to get deep inner experiences. And you ask yourself: What do I do with my thinking then?

Then this course is really for you!

I’ve been working since years on this topic. I started with oriental meditations but they couldn’t really answer to my very occidental mind. Through practicing shiatsu, visceral therapy, cranio-sacral therapy and in the same time developing meditations based on visualisations I’ve learned step by step to reconcile objective knowledge and intuitive inner knowledge. So there is a way for us, western minds to enlarge, enrich our knowledge and tape into our deepest soul’s forces.

We had to separate inner knowledge and outside knowledge in order to develop some science. This separation was necessary but it comes now to such a point that …it is just not possible any more. The human being is snipped into little parts, and is treated like a machine to be repaired. Which means that the human has almost disappeared from medicine.

If you don’t want to through away five centuries of science in order to become ‘’spiritual’’ then we can certainly work together.

My approach is the one of Goethe: It starts with the whole to go to the details. I’m using natural observation as a mean of visualisation. It leads to deep meditative experiences.

What do you experience? The archetypes of the human body. That means the psychic forces playing behind the organs. And it is really fascinating. Why? Because it is speaking about us. It is speaking about the forces which have made us and still are making us. It is diving deep into a world.

On this path inner knowledge and objective knowledge come together again.

Even much more: You learn that there is a path to build a kind of objectivity into the subjective world. That if you enter the inner world with a steady mind, trained to be clear and sharp with the intellect, then you can really learn to build references into your inner world as you did for the outside world.

Yes I know it is going against a very strong believe from scientist nowadays: That only outside knowledge can be objective. This believe has to be asked. It has to be asked not theoretically but through experiences.

Do you get interested?
Just inscribe for the course, end of this week, Saturday: Wisdom of the Organs. We start with the Liver.

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Or if you have any questions, just ask, I’m aware that I’m just saying very little of a huge subject with lot of implications, but unfortunately is writing only a line which tries to describe an all landscape. Any comment or question can be inspiring also for other!

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