what my organs can teach me


The body is a magic box! The more you open it, the more there is! You go from wonder to wonder. It is impossible not to be amazed that such a complexity can work as a whole. It is impossible not to be amazed through the subtlety and perfection of any detail of it.

The body silently supports most of our behaviours, being harmonious or destructive. Think about the blood, staying at 37 degrees whatever the weather, hot or cold, whatever what you drink. Think how each bone is built to support a maximum of pression with a minimum of weight. Any bridge engineer could be jealous of it! Think about all those systems working constantly together: nervous, blood, muscles, glands,…maintaining the unity and coherence of the whole, any single moment.

The body can teach us great wisdom, great harmony, great social behaviour. It has always been described as a micro-cosmos. That means that all the forces of the universe are lying in one single body. That means that one single body is a Universe, perfect in itself!

I invite you to a journey through this wonder!

Since years I’m working with body-mind energies, feeling them, experiencing them and studying them. I invite you to a journey which would reconcile grey anatomy and physiology with intuitive energy knowledge. This has been my research for years. I couldn’t take for granted any traditional knowledge would it come from Traditional Chinese Medicine or from our traditional wisdom. I had to get the roots of those knowledges. On this way I could develop specific meditations allowing us to reach the deepest layers of this body’s wisdom.

Only your experiences can change your life, isn’t it? Cold distanciated knowledge has little influence on you until it eventually become an inner experience. Only strong experiences have deep influences. Only strong experiences have the power to change our lifes.

I will lead you to deep inner experiences of your organ’s system. Believe me, you will be surprised! The messages that one single organ contains can be of infinite deep wisdom. This wisdom is waiting silently to be discovered and reveal its secrets. It is available to us if we use the right tools to reach it.

We will start with the liver. According to the traditional Chinese medicine it is the organ corresponding with the season of Spring. Perhaps you will get why the eagle is coming every day eating the liver of Prometheus as pictured on the Greek vase you can see in the beginning of this text.

Are you ready for this journey? Contact me at 070 402 39 42 or via mail by clicking here.

Location: Praktijkcentrum de Morgenster, Laan van Meerdervoort, 352-A2563 BB Den Haag.
Date: Saturday 24 mei. From 10.00 to 17.00 (around). Bring some lunch with you. There is also a café in the neighbourhood. One hour lunch pause.
Price: €90,-

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