• You suffer from recurring pain, classical medicine does not really help and you are looking for alternatives.
  • The person you are, who is going through something difficult is not seen enough. You are treated for a long-term illness but only the technical side is taken into account.
  • You suffer from different pains but the links are not made. You lack a general image that will help you heal more effectively.
  • You have a long-term illness and are looking for relief, an improvement in your well-being and a reduction in your pain.
  • Examples of treated symptoms
    :- Problems with sleep, restlessness.
    – Difficulty concentrating.
    – Burn out.
    – Hormonal and menstrual problems.
    – Shoulders, knees, joint pain.
    – Migraines, headaches.
    – Digestive problems.
    – Blood circulation.
    – Postoperative trauma.
    – RSI, pains related to office work.If you recognize yourself in one or more of these cases, then shiatsu can certainly help you. Click here to read about shiatsu therapy
Click here to read about shiatsu therapy