A western spiritual path.

  • Are you looking for a spiritual path that matches your Western culture?
  • You have tried a lot of meditations but you are looking for a path that suits you better. The West invented the “I” and the objective science of the physical world at rebirth. It’s a shame to throw everything in the garbage under the pretext of “spirituality”.
  • You are a rational, a scientist and you have an interest in spirituality but both remain separate activities. Looking for the link (Because yes, a link is possible!)
  • Do you seek to understand Christ apart from all dogmatism?
  • You are ready for a spirituality that respects your free will …You ask yourself the big questions:Who am I ? Does my existence make sense?
    Can I serve something bigger than me?
    What is the place of man in the universe?To learn more about meditation classes and spiritual studies, click here