Small meditation on Christmas


There was a time, a long long time ago,
There was a time
When the flesh was luminous.

There was a time,
A long, long time ago,
When the substance was luminous.
When the substance glowed
When the planet was shining,
from inside.
The substance was in itself luminous.
She was first hot and black
then lighted up softly from within.
Man as the Earth
shone from within.

Then there was a time when man became denser,
And the light left him.

The light left the Earth
and went to form the Sun.
The light shone from the sun,
The light shone on the Earth
and on the man,
From outside.
The substance became dark
and the light was outside of him.

A time still
and the earth was cooling.

A Time futher
and the dense substance forgot the light from within.
The man has dark flesh
had forgotten his origin.

But some still remembered.
In the darkness of the cave,
In the darkness of winter,
In darkness,
hidden in the light of the outside,
At the darkest night,
At the coldest night,
At midnight,
In the middle of the night,
They remembered the light
Who shines from within.

They remembered the origin,
and this memory was celebration
of the Midnight Sun.

In the cave,
in the heart of the darkness,
at the heart of the ritual,
was born again,
the Sun from within.
In the heart of winter,
Death showed his true face,
that of a rebirth,
Midnight Sun !
And the flesh found its inner light!

And the Sun of Midnight,
And the original Sun,
And the Sun of the Inside,
was, is and will be.

Merry Christmas !



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