Shiatsu has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

some basic principles of it:

Yin and Yang:

We’re living in a world of polarities: day and night, warm and cold, light and dark, movement and rest, construction and destruction, an introvert or extravert personnality…

A disharmony appears in you if one side becomes to dominant. If it last to long it transforms into pain or sickness.

Shiatsu address the disharmony being responsible for the sickness.

Ki or Chi :

Ki is Life! It is circulating energy.

If it circulates good, you feel in shape and can express what you are. If the Ki flow is blocked, you don’t fully function in your life.

During a session you experiment some chi-flow getting more free, and you get a sensation of being more alive.


The twelve Meridians:

The energy (Ki) circulates in the body according to some trajectory called meridian’s.

You are not only treated on the painful spot but your whole body with all its intern connections is taking care of.



Your relations with your surrounding are also taking cared of. Each meridian resonates also with phenomena outside the body; such as the climate, the positions of the planets, scents, colors, sounds, ambiance…A treatment helps to harmonise inside and outside.

The shiatsu I’ve learned has its direct roots into the japanese tradition.

The Iokai Shiatsu was developed in Japan by Shizuto Masunaga (1925-1981). The European school for Iokai shiatsu is under the direction of Sasaki Sensei, who was the pupil and later the assistant of S. Masunaga.

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