Find the Inner Healer

coupe-graal2Healing is not a matter of will but of recognition of the deep inability to solve whatever there is to solve.

Reaching that point means the end of trying to solve things.

The flame in the heart can then quietly arise.

It becomes then possible to reconnect to the immortal flame of the heart and to experience the real center, the one which has never been touched by anything, the center of the True Love, non-emotional, the True Inner Secret Healer. This is the arising of a very quiet and soft energy.

That’s the reason why any transformation based on will power cannot be completed: It misses this very center. The all process is then colored through the human will, I would even say polluted through the human will.
This will is too limited through personal interest to know true healing. It can reach tangible results but they don’t last in time. What is build will be destroyed; this is the nature of forms.

All that can be seen as agitation. This restlessness is turning around the center without reaching it. Pride is the pollution of human’s constructions.

Through the realization of the basic powerlessness to solve anything lies the opening towards the healing love. This love doesn’t fight restlessness, it even doesn’t care so much about it: It can look at it and stay calm. It can even fully embrace it. And patiently wait until the movement dies into awareness, into this ”Haha” moment where everything gets quiet.

Everything is restless except the center which is the openness to the being, the pearl, the grail.

We sometimes need strong experiences to get there: Like the loss of a dear one, a situation where we know for sure that we can do nothing about it. By meeting this powerlessness there is a chance of on opening to the core of our being, if we get able to go deeper than the suffering of loss itself. It is not about avoiding this suffering, but really going through and deeper, even then it seems that there is nothing deeper.

The powerlessness, if accepted becomes the living well, the inexhaustible source, the fire which renew itself by itself, the philosophical stone. It is the creative life power which unfolds without any cause nor purpose. It is what it is.

Everything having a cause has a purpose and an end. It misses then the infinite. The infinite embraces the cycles of causes and effects. It let them unfold as they have to do so. Every cause produces its effects till the extinction of the cause itself.

When all is said, when all is done, blessing can happen…

To welcome it is an art.
To let it blossom is an art.
To let it act through oneself is an art.
From there all healing, all beauty and all philosophy happen.
It wants nothing for itself because it is already everything.
To find a receptacle through which it can express itself is its Joy.


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