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  Physiology can be a medium of meditation. This type of meditation is based on phenomenology: pure observation without theorizing what one observes. Thought puts itself at the service of perceptions and does not seize it to make something personal. Why choose physiology as an object of meditation? Because physiology is movement. Every observation of […]

skype sessions. Emotional Transformation

You will find on this page the description of the  skype sessions. -Are you going through emotional difficulties? –  Are you in a period of stress? – Are you going through a challenging time in your life? – Do you feel that you need some support to climb the mountain? – Are  you experiencing some […]

Not one, but many healths..

There is not only one health, but there are as many healths as there are human beings. We must incorporate that in our attitude if we want to see the issues of health and illness in the right light. We must incorporate in our attitude that the human being is an individual being that every […]

Fruitful Center

There is a center in every human being which cannot be attacked, touched, violated, a center which remains intact and pure whatever happens. This center is the source of any progress and any healing. How do I know that? Honestly, I don’t know how I do know that. I know it, that’ all… And if […]

Generational traumas and physical pains.

Traumas are passed on from generation to generation. Without noticing it we are actually carrying our all family’s story. As child we are very open and pick up the unsolved issues of our parents. It is then too much to take; we cannot experience those issues fully nor digest it. We disconnect ourselves from what […]