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Principles of emotional work

This text is intended for those who want to work on themselves. First and foremost to my clients to help them understand what we are doing during my sessions, but also to give points of reference to each.This is not a recipe book, but an explanation of some basic principles. This means that each time […]

Principle of inner work

While working via skype with clients, I find useful to explain some principle I’m working with. This video explain some emotionnal work so that you can better follow what you’re doing during the session or even work yourself at home. I can also work directly on the energy system at distance (always with autorisation of […]

skype sessions. Emotional Transformation

You will find on this page the description of the  skype sessions. -Are you going through emotional difficulties? –  Are you in a period of stress? – Are you going through a challenging time in your life? – Do you feel that you need some support to climb the mountain? – Are  you experiencing some […]