Principles of emotional work

This text is intended for those who want to work on themselves. First and foremost to my clients to help them understand what we are doing during my sessions, but also to give points of reference to each.
This is not a recipe book, but an explanation of some basic principles. This means that each time the work will be different, but the structure behind it reminds the same.
Nothing that is said here is to be believed, but to be experienced for oneself to confirm or not what is written.

The human body will serve as our guide because its physical form also expresses a psychological structure.
There are 3 main centers: Head, Chest, Belly.

These 3 physical centers are also centers of psychic functions:

-Head: Perception / Thought.
– Chest: Feelings.
– Belly: Willpower

Why ? That would take us too far, that will be the subject of another article.
The important thing here is to take this structure as a working guide and practically see the results.

Of course the psychic functions act throughout the all body but here we take the parts where they act most strongly.
The head is the center of consciousness, that is, one becomes aware of things through the “Head” center. You become aware of the outside world and the inside world. The outside world is what we see around us, the inner psychic world is precisely thoughts, feelings and wills (or desires). Feeling and Will do not have their center in the head, but we become aware of it in the head.

One is clearly aware of perceptions of the outside world and thoughts.
The processes of the belly are unconscious: The metabolism is unconscious, and the will related to it is unconscious. We can be aware of what we want, but the voluntary force that makes us set in motion, move our arms and legs remains totally below ordinary consciousness.
The feelings, related to the median system, Lungs-Heart, respiration-circulation are semi conscious-semi unconscious.
To complete the picture, we are not in the head aware of things directly but of their reflection. Someone who lived only in his head would have the following experience: He would see the world unfolding all around him and him in the middle of this world as his focal point, but he would feel like a movie unfolding under the eyes of a reflection of himself. In short, nothing would give it a sense of reality. A fairly common structure these days, isn’t it?

What gives us the feeling of reality is the experience that comes from the “Belly” center. But for ordinary consciousness, this experience is precisely unconscious, inaccessible: we do not know what is happening in the metabolism, but it is here that the living forces are.
The paradox of human life, of his current level of consciousness is this: Man is aware of himself but he is an image without reality, and the real unfolds under his consciousness.

This is where the emotional work becomes interesting: the feelings being between the head and the stomach the illusion, the image and the reality, they become a gateway to the forces of the living. (In parentheses, I am not making a distinction here between feelings and emotions. The “Chest” sphere encompasses this whole area.) Feelings are the means by which consciousness can access reality.

But it doesn’t just happen. You have to learn to feel the feelings. That is, authorize them, let them be what they are without interpretation or manipulation. Experiencing feelings as they are has a goal: To pass through the illusion of one’s existence to connect to the forces of life, in the depths of our being: The womb as the source of all will and all desire.

First you have to learn to stabilize your attention. Ordinary thought keeps shifting from rooster to donkey. The first thing to do is learn to silently observe one thing and one, without letting the mind wander into other stories. Getting lost is part of the game. No problem: Just notice it and go back to your original observation …
If we are working on an event that hurt us for example: We must place this event in the middle of his attention and play the film in a loop. Not out of masochism but to observe. You have to leave some space. You have to go through the film with the very simple question: What are my reactions when I watch this scene? The reactions can be: Thoughts that arise, physical reactions, pain, tension, changes in breathing, emotions… Or no sensation, which is also a sensation…

The art here is to stay focused enough but also relaxed and welcoming enough for what you perceive. We make the observing head and the welcoming heart work together. At every moment you have to readjust the quality of your attention. Too much concentration blocks, too much relaxation, you fall asleep … So learn to hold the rudder with a firm hand on a sea of ​​emotions …

When one has well experienced the emotion down to its vibration, and only then, not before otherwise it remains an intellectual game, one can take the following step: From chest to stomach, from feeling to will.

In practice we ask questions like: What is the need for this emotion? When I am in this state what is my deepest desire? What do I really want then? …
It’s a job that requires a great deal of inner honesty, because you can be very stupid to have such childish desires …

But the principle here is very simple: As long as the desires are not recognized, they are the ones who subconsciously govern your life. To recognize them is in fact to reconnect with one’s life forces. An emotion is created by a life force that has not been able to express itself or find its natural development. It’s like a wave of life, long held back, that is finally released.

So you give space, simple recognition to what lives in you. And that is pure life force. It is the state of childhood consciously regained.
When you feel that life force, which gives you a sense of existence and reality, well, the job is done!
Sorry I must have taken so long but I hope to help you with your inner work. The goal of my therapies is that you can do it yourself: If you prefer to start together, feel free to contact me for a session. I also work via Skype if that’s easier for you.
Be well and have a good trip everyone!

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