Reopening, Covid and vision for the future …

Hello all,

My practice reopens next week, starting Tuesday August 25th.
COVID 19 is no longer a threat, but we must remain vigilant. Here are some precautions for those who return:
For treatments, please bring a long-sleeved T-shirt, loose pants and socks. I do not treat directly on the skin.
After each treatment the room is ventilated and the door handles cleaned.
And of course, if you or those around you have any symptoms, stay home!

It’s no secret that the coming years will be difficult.

Economically, no doubt, but above all, climate problems will become more acute and impact our lives more and more.
More than ever we will have to awaken the healer in oneself.
More than ever, we will have to learn how to find a reliable inner compass. Everyone in their life will have to make decisions. What counts will be the source of decisions: Fear or the indestructible individual center. Selfishness or common sense, a small vision or a broad gaze capable of embracing difficulties but also their meaning and considering all of this in a general evolutionary movement.

There will be those who refuse to change and those who will know how to capture the forces of renewal. This is what I am committed to: Helping you connecting to that inner strength within you that has an innate confidence in the universe, even in the midst of the worst. More and more we will have to know how to find this strength there. Knowing that when you lose it, you can also find it back. You can call it refocusing, finding yourself …

Crisis are oportunities to wake up. Humanity is sleeping deeply and the awakening will be rude. We no longer know that we owe our existence to Earth and Earth will remind us of that. We have become abstract beings no longer distinguishing a screen from a reality, an emotion from a mental image, a signifying action of a waste of time… The Earth will take care of bringing us back to simple realities: Our physical existences depend of her and we cannot indefinitely mistreat her. I do not know exactly what form it will take, but we know, the lights are red.

The leaders don’t care as long as the majority doesn’t. It’s that simple.

We have to wake up, without panicking but by taking our responsibilities, if only for example by choosing what to consume. Those who want to sleep will suffer the most from the changes because holding onto what perishes does not get far.
I try at my level to open my eyes and help you find that inner autonomy that is going to be more and more essential.

Being healthy is not just a physical matter. If we speak about human being, we have to speak about the universe as a whole. This knowledge of the internal links between man and the universe supports all traditional therapies. It is the basis of the meridian system that I use in my treatments. For my part, I deepen and I refine my treatment tools: Meridians, visualization, courses … All this with the aim of reconciling humans with themselves and the Universe.

This is what I wish you all, reconciliation!


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