The West, racism and neo Celtism

I’m currently reading quite a few articles or titles on Western racism and colonialism.
It is indeed essential to do a real job of honesty, of recognition of the harm done and above all to recognize that this evil does not belong only to the past. Trauma is passed on from generation to generation, I know that as a therapist, who works with many different nationalities.
And yet I am deeply irritated by these ways of lambasting the West and to be honest, who do not understand the West in its essence.
The West did not invent racism or slavery. These existed long before him. There is racism and slavery between African tribes for example. The novelty of the West in this area is the change of scale. And even, when one thinks of the number of slaves that the construction of the pyramids required one may wonder. In any case, the organized and industrial side of the slave trade is, I think, a Western carateristic. Racist impulses are found everywhere.
But the main point I want to raise is this: The West has the only religion in the world which has chosen itself as God a stranger, a ”not like us”. This is the God of the West, Christ Jesus, born in Palestine. Never had this happened among any people: All the Gods have always been ethnic,
The West chooses the OTHER as its God. We don’t think about this simple fact enough.
The very root of the West is the relationship to the other. The mission of the West is the construction of the I and of otherness.
If the West had done like the others, it would have taken Wotan as God in not Jesus Christ.
In this regard we see that the inclinations of neo-Celticism involve a real danger: by wanting so hard to find our roots, we risk betraying them. Of course welcoming and cultivating Celtic knowledge is part of the West, but as it welcomes all other cultures. The West is the other, and that is its dignity. So Wotan, keep your place as cultural tradition, and let’s bow before the other, the otherness. This is how we are truly Western.

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