Summer Hollydays

Dear all,

I want to inform you that my practice will be closed from 22/7 till 24/08.

I wish you all a very good summer time.
We’ve just crossed a very strange time with the Covid.
I’ve really missed a basic voice in this massa of information: The basics of how to have a strong immune system. That’s after all the best answer to any virus, present or future.
How to get a strong immune system? By being healthy!
So stupid simple answer but let see quickly what it implicates:
Healthy food, healthy life rhythm, healthy psychology and also spiritual health and growth.
That’s what a healthy immune system is about: Taking care of all the aspects of the human being, without forgetting one of them.

Struggle and pains are here to teach us what works for us and what not. They are awakening calls. It is up to everyone to hear the call or to ignore it. There are general principles of Life, but only very particular and individual ways to experience and manifest them. Principle and diversity don’t oppose each other.
One has to find which specific diet he/her would need, or which life style…one other has to find how to get the master of his own psychology, and spiritual path are very individual, even if they obey to some basic patterns.

We need to do mistakes to learn by ourselves, we need to meet pain to internalise universal wisdom.

So if you’re happy or struggle, just try to embrace it, to listen to the messages life is sending to you.

Stay alert, find good source of information about what’s going on (Not so easy), and be heartful with others!

Have a good summer!

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