Shiatsu sessions start again!

Dear Friends,

My practice will be open from May 18.

I enjoyed the remote sessions a lot, it was a discovery, but I look forward to seeing you all in person.

However, we must still be very careful and take the necessary precautions:

In this I follow the instructions given by the organizations grouping alternative practitioners and by the ministry of health:
 KAB – Koepel Alternatieve Behandelwijzen:
FLICZ – Federatie Leefstijl, Integrale en Complementaire zorg
NIBIG – Nederlands Instituut voor Belangenbehartiging Integrale Gezondheidszorg
RBCZ – Register Beroepsbeoefenaren Complementaire Zorg.
Ministerie van VWS en het RIVM.

Before making an appointment, please read the following questionnaire carefully:

1. Do you now have Corona? Yes/ No
2. Do you now have family members with Corona? Yes/ No
3. Do you now have any of these symptoms? Yes / No a. Coughing, coughing or sneezing; b. fever (38⁰C or higher); c. shortness of breath.
4. Do you have family members with one of these symptoms? Yes /No
5. Are you in home isolation? Yes/ No
6. Do you live in a nursing home or institution for people with a disability. Yes/ No

  If you answer Yes to one of those questions, we will not be doing a session in my practice. Only Skype sessions remain an option.

If you answer No to all questions, double check that you don’t have flu-like symptoms, such as:

7. Have you had a flu shot? Yes/ No
8. Do you now have any of these symptoms? Yes/No
a. (nose) cold, or runny nose;
 b. sore throat;
c. unknown headache;
 d. unknown fatigue;
 e. unknown diarrhea or abdominal discomfort.

If you answer No  to all questions you can come, if it is yes contact me for a more precise anamnesis.

If you have to cancel your appointment at the last moment due to a change in your health or that of a family member, these cancellations will not be billed.

Precautions to take during sessions in my practice:

  • Bring your own towels (2 large towels).
  • Leave the shoes downstairs in the hallway.
  • If possible, do not use the toilet. It will be disinfected after each use anyway.
  • Take as little stuff as possible and put it in your bag.
  • The conversation between us takes place at a distance of 1.5 meters;
  • The handkerchiefs will be thrown into a pedal bin without touching it.
  • The treatment will consist of energy treatment without touching and normal shiatsu. I avoid talking during the treatment and being too close to the head.
  • After each client, the contact points such as the door handles, the doorbell and the armrests of the chairs are cleaned. Touch as little as possible in practice;
  • Between sessions there will be enough time not to run into other patients.
  • Before and after each treatment I wash my hands with a disinfectant soap.
  • After each session the space will be ventilated.


Despite all the precautions that have been taken, the chances remain, even minimal, that you will be infected in my practice or on the way. By making an appointment, you accept this risk.

The experience of the remote sessions has been very positive and I will be very happy to continue them with those who wish. They are reimbursed exceptionally due to the Covid 19. Ask your insurance.

If points are not clear or if you still have other questions, do not hesitate to contact me of course.

Take care of yourself and be well,
See you soon !


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