Remote sessions

Many believe that remote sessions (via skype) cannot be as effective as a shiatsu session in my practice.
I understand this point of view, I myself had doubts until I tried.

From the first remote session I could see all the therapeutic effectiveness. This modality even offers quite surprising energy treatment facilities, given that I work directly on the energy system. Touch becomes pure energy and I can often treat it much more directly than through the physical body.

All the patients feel the energy flows during the session, sometimes even better than during a shiatsu treatment in my practice.

I have been treating this for a month and I am very happy with the results.
So if you are suffering physically or emotionally, I am always able to help you. It would be a shame not to do it because of the a priori that from a distance it works less well.

This is my “core message” today: if you need help, it is still possible, and there is no loss of efficiency, on the contrary!


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