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  Physiology can be a medium of meditation. This type of meditation is based on phenomenology: pure observation without theorizing what one observes. Thought puts itself at the service of perceptions and does not seize it to make something personal. Why choose physiology as an object of meditation? Because physiology is movement. Every observation of […]

Sex education to children is a rape of the Soul

The very idea of ​​giving sex education to children is simply criminal and I will explain why: To truly understand it one must study the relationships of the soul and the body, especially the process of progressive incarnation of the soul in the body during growth. A materialist can not have this knowledge. To be […]

A meditation on Easter-Ascension-Pentecost

Hello everyone, I would like to share a meditation on this Easter-Ascension-Pentecost period. This meditation can also serve as an introduction to the next dialogue with Guillaume which will take place on April 27, 20: 00. The purpose of this meditation is to live this time of year more intensely and consciously. What I am […]

The sacrifice.

Here is a text I wrote a week ago following the sacrifice of the police during the hostage-taking in France last week: Today listening to the radio: The death of this police officer who sacrificed himself. He gave his life to save the lives of others. This act is the absolute act. Absolutely everyone feels […]