A meditation on Easter-Ascension-Pentecost

Hello everyone,

I would like to share a meditation on this Easter-Ascension-Pentecost period.
This meditation can also serve as an introduction to the next dialogue with Guillaume which will take place on April 27, 20: 00.

The purpose of this meditation is to live this time of year more intensely and consciously. What I am going to describe can be taken at the purely symbolic level or as describing a very concrete process. What counts here is the inner experience that we derive from it (which also reflects on the external experience of the physical world).
The technique is first of all to understand the images, then to let oneself be carried by them.

So Here we go::
Easter and the mystery of Golgotha.

First time of the image: Christ is seen as a solar being (or solar principle or both according to the conceptions …)
In any case we are in all that can express the Sun: The Center of a system, One, Light, Heat, Love …
Christ is seen as a cosmic Being who carries within himself the forces of all our cosmos (the Father), summed up, manifested in Him (The Son).
This Being or cosmic principle (here I am not going into the debate to be / principle otherwise we will never get there), this comic Being binds to a human body, that of Jesus of Nazareth during the baptism in the Jordan and is active for three years on earth.
The image to be meditated here is that of a solar, cosmic being who is incarnated in a man to live death. This gesture must be represented as an absolutely free act, a pure gift of self. A God, a cosmic being comes to live what only men can live: Death.
This is what the Golgotha ​​Cross expresses. The cross of matter, of the physical world, on which is crucified a cosmic being of Light and Love.
This act is done with complete freedom, a pure and absolute gift.
The cross, the Sun on the Cross. This is the first image that must be penetrated. The black cross, the Solar Being on the black cross of matter. Take the time to penetrate the size of the image. A cosmic, luminous Being nailed to the cross, living human death.


2nd moment of the image: The liver of Christ is pierced, blood and water flow from the wound.
(For those who know we can associate the blood with the astral body, animic (containing the forces of soul) and the water with the vital body, etheric, the neither I do not lie down.)
The picture: Blood and water flow on the Earth. At the moment when they are spreading on the Earth, it receives the energy, the Christic force and that transforms all the energy of the Earth.
The Earth receives by the Sacrifice of Christ new vital and animic forces.
The Earth receives in it the solar forces. These solar forces are the renewal of the Earth. They revitalize it.
The Earth receives a solar impulse in it, a solar embryo in it. This embryo must grow. This solar seed this solar impulse must grow in the bosom of the earth, until the Earth become Sun. Here emerges the grandiose image of the very distant destiny of the Earth. The Golgotha ​​that took place 2000 years ago gives us the grand image of earthly becoming ….
The solar God crossing earthly death fertilizes the Earth with its solar force, to the center of the Earth.
In all this meditation, one must take the time to feel the sun penetrate the earth to the deepest, to the center, and from there radiate outward again.
The vital energy of the earth, its etheric body is revitalized, as well as the vital energies of all that it carries, so we humans too.
(I leave aside the whole question of why precisely at this time in the evolution of the Earth.If this can be discussed with Guillaume in person if he is interested).

The Christified Fire of the Earth radiates from the center of the earth and vivifies your physical body.

Ascension :

Meditation: To live the solar vital forces radiate from the earth towards oneself, to revitalize all of one’s body.
For the Ascension, let the Christic forces flow into the Air element, into the atmosphere surrounding the whole Earth. Imagine the forces of Christ Love, Love of the Next to surround the Earth. Christ took Earth for Body. He stays around the Earth.
By the breath, I consciously absorb the loving forces that embrace the whole earth. It is the level of the soul, astral. Through Golgotha ​​all the etheric bodies have been quickened.
At this stage, only those who consciously absorb, meditate, reflect these knowledge and forces, only those are transformed. There is no automatic redemption. A conscious participation is requested for the renewal of the Soul. I inspire and exhale this Christic Love.

Pentecôte :

The atmosphere of Christ Love intensifies through the participation of man. (It is obvious that at the cosmic level we are now talking about images describing a very distant future, which will only take place if men get used to it …)
This growing sphere around the earth begins to reflect the Christic Solar Force of Love in the form of Knowledge. It is Pentecost where the language of each thing is revealed.
Imagine this knowledge descend from the confines of this atmosphere and flood the heads of the apostles, the human heads prepared to receive this knowledge. In this meditation you can imagine this power of knowledge to come down and illuminate your heads.

So here is something to approach these infinite mysteries!

The technique is to understand, to make the images, to live the images. It is the experience with which these images lead that matters.

I hope some will take the time to experiment. (Well yes it also requires to forget everything we knew before to experiment in any freshness ….). Have a good trip!

PS: Text written from my understanding of  the books of Rudolf Steiner and O. Prokofiev.
Paintings and engravings by Velasquez, Rembrandt, Robert Fludd



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