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Initiation according to anthroposophy and according to the esoteric Christian tradition

Live chat on March 30 (in French) on different Christian esoteric initiation paths Hello friends, Here is a text written in introduction of a discussion that will take place on March 30 live at 20:00 between Guillaume attewel and me on the paths d; initiation. Guillaume has followed a Christian esoteric path and I want […]

cosmic meditation

Yesterday we could start the meditations cycles about the cosmic creation. We use the descriptions of Rudolf Steiner.  I’ m each time amazed about the power of those meditations. The offer of the Thrones, the deep darkness, the streams of warmth… The beauty of creation is unfolding into a picture, a glimpse of it. And […]

Origin of suffering

There are three soul forces in human beings: thinking, feeling and willing. These three forces are bound up with the physical organization. Certain thoughts and feelings will call up certain acts of will. The human organism must function correctly if the three soul forces are to act in harmony. If the connection between them has […]

Moral Influences of Light and Immoral Influences of Electricity

CONCERNING ELECTRICITY Extract from a Lecture by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Dornach, January 28, 1923 GA 220 From stenographic notes unrevised by the lecturer. The cultural ingredient that now permeates our whole external civilization began to rise to the surface at the turn of the 18th and 19th century. Think of the immense contrast between the […]

Not one, but many healths..

There is not only one health, but there are as many healths as there are human beings. We must incorporate that in our attitude if we want to see the issues of health and illness in the right light. We must incorporate in our attitude that the human being is an individual being that every […]