Merry Christmas

nativitéIn few days comes the darkest day of the year the winter solstice on 21 December. All event in the cosmos reflects also some inner movement.

But Christmas few days after brings very powerful symbols which can help us for our spiritual transformation and evolution. If you take the time to look beyond images and read the message within…

To honour the darkest day of the year is not only Christian. All religions had intuitions about the relation between cosmic events and human psyche. Days get darker and darker. On the physical plan we get less and less energy from the sun and from Nature. Look at the trees: They are looking like shadows in the realm of death! No leave, no green, no colour! They seem petrified for ever in their movement, their form seems to be crystalized.

Exactly there in the darkness a star, a new life is born! What can it teach us? Something more than visible natural processes happens in the middle of winter: A new child from Maria and Joseph. What does that stands for?

This picture is a reminder. A reminder of deeper forces than the appearance. A reminder that we can connect as human being to those deep forces. Those symbols are there to help us. They are just here to point towards something. Something bigger, something deeper than what we see.

Maria, Joseph, Jesus stand for spiritual consciousness which are creating this universe.
The birth actually happens in a grot.( In has been later changed by the church.) The point is that it happens inside the earth. The earth is receiving the holly family.

Maria stands for what could be called in the Chinese philosophy as a Yin Principe. She’s holding a space in which things can happen. She’s watching at the laws, the universal’s laws in which the universe can be created. It is not a physical plane. Maria is creating the possibility for something to appear. She’s the loving mother and she’s the law.

In this place of potentiality comes an impulse of creation. It brings vibration, movement, activity, energies expanding in all directions. (Here also we are not in a 3D space). This universal energy is called Christ’s energy. According to the Chines it would refer to the Yang aspect of creation. Jesus is not directly Christ, but the one that will later be able to be the transmitter of Christ. To build the meditative image of now, we prefer not to make too complicated: Jesus is connected with Christ and Christ is a creative Principe or consciousness of the universe.

The moment of birth is the event of manifestation: What was active in the invisible becomes visible. It manifests itself in the physical world: A new child is born!

Joseph is the father figure which protects and guides on the earthy plane the growth of Jesus.The first letters I and O express: Identity and wholeness. It is the identity aware of its connection with the all, not like most of us who has forgotten this wholeness by developing the I-being. But lot of us are also nowadays busy with regaining this awareness.

To make the message even clearer, the tradition has later added some animals:
The donkey listen with its big hears to the cosmos. This animal expresses also an incredible softness and acceptation for its condition: In other words it just expresses infinite wisdom.
The ox stands of course for the force of the earth, but still connecting to the cosmos via its horns.
With the donkey and the ox remind us again the two yin-yang principles.

They is a lot of more to say (the 3 kings, the shepherds, the star…) but there is now enough to form a powerful image for meditation which can help you have a deep experience of Christmas.


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